Saturday, November 1, 2008

Race For The Presidency

This race for the presidency should not be about race. My friend April sent me an e-mail the other day that really irritated me. (Not that she sent it, the content) It was a recording of a radio show (Howard Stern-nope I'm not endorsing him, trust me) and they were interviewing people in New Orleans about who they were going to vote for. People were insisting they were not voting for Obama because he was black, but rather because of what he stood for. (If you want the e-mail, please contact me) The interviewer actually would say things like "do you like Obama because he is pro-life or because he thinks we should keep our troops in Iraq?" Without even noticing the interviewer had just described McCain, not Obama, they would give which one they 'agreed' with him on more. He would then ask if they agreed with Obama's decision to have Sarah Palin as his vice president and oh yes, they agreed wholeheartedly with that decision. COME ON PEOPLE. It is not right to vote for a candidate because of their race. On the other hand, I've heard a neighbor who lives in our platt say she would never vote for a black man no matter what he stood for. (She said she wasn't sure she liked him but she'd vote for McLane-yep you read that right, McLane instead) That is so hateful and wrong. I guess I just am really bothered by this whole election. If I get one more political phone call I might go crazy. I am not fearful as I've heard other people describe it that Obama will be president. I totally think it is in God's hands who becomes the next leader of the United States. I don't feel that we are a Christian nation why would we elect someone who even appears to be God-fearing? Am I saying I don't care if he was to become president? Absolutely not. I hope and pray that he doesn't...but I won't be surprised if he does. There are many issues I feel would be put into place and be totally detrimental to my family and community. My main biggest scariest most worrisome issue is his stance on abortion. We may have to move to Canada...or Australia (and pick up awesome accents)...or maybe Madagascar-they like to Move It Move It. Oh BTW Laura Bush called my home tonight to endorse a candidate for state senate...I didn't know I was in the White House phone directory!

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