Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're Having a Heatwave

What a day! Just when I think we can't fit another thing in, we do. I didn't have Little M today so I took on my friend's son Kyle. R, or as I've decided to call her "Mother Hen" didn't have preschool today, so leaving Baby J home (he is fighting a tiny cold himself) I took Mother Hen, Snug, E, and Kyle to the library. Getting them all in and out of the van never ceases to be an adventure. We have a great room off the side of the children's area that is used for 'toddler time' and afterwards there is a great collection of toys for the kids to use. Not just any toys, Plan Toys, Haba, and Learning Resource to name a few!
I tweeted that we were outside during nap time, which I'm pretty rigid about, but there was an explanation. Right before I got everyone's snow suits completely zipped (and then unzipped with runs to the bathroom) #1 called to tell me his Blazer had died and we needed to come rescue him. Now I did mention we were having a heat wave, right? We had a high of 40 and it was you can imagine how comfy we were in the van with out warmest winter attire on :o)
After we returned from rescuing the Blazer and #1 everyone got to spend some time in the snow slush. Enjoy these pictures!

This is our joint creation.

Tye Dye is sunning himself in the afternoon heat.
This was the first 'snowman' snow we've has been too cold and fluffy to pack until now. Today it almost melted in your mittens!

Little Miss E. did not want to wear her mittens, but so sorry, this is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship and when one plays in the snow she does wear mittens.

Snow Angel
Snug took a quick bite of snow and I snapped the shot before making him spit it out. We live on a busy street, have 3 pets, and countless people walking in our front yard. Our snow is not edible.
This is the snowman that Snug built by himself. Ok, ok, he had a little help, but he did most of the work, and all of the decorating. He said his(?) name was "Big" and sang "Happy To You" and blew out the stick candles several times.
The middle snowman was fashioned by Mother Hen. I have some good Friday Funny Pages about her for tomorrow.
So after a much needed nap (and only 20 minutes late I may add!) the kids woke up to this scene. Mother Hen was really upset to find that they were melting. Snug firmly disagreed and announced that they were "Jumping Around". I really don't know where he comes up with this stuff.
And to celebrate our heatwave, we made some lovely coffee filter know, because it was so cold today! Hope your Thursday was as great as ours...if not a bit less busy.
**side note...totally unrelated...tangent in the happening...
We checked out a book with Elmo and babies and I was so pleased to notice, published in 2007, all the babies featured were cloth diapered! That is very rare to see in any form of media.

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MamaBear said...

We sure could use a heat wave around here. As in 24 hours from now PLEASE!!!! It's going to feel like 15 below for the party. *sigh* Are you sure you want to come. :)