Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not brush off tons of pieces of enchilada left strewn on the table from Snug and then call the dogs in to clean it up...not me.

I did not get a relieved/giddy feeling when the nice lady who helps to run Snug's class on Wednesday night came and got another mom because her kid had a potty accident, and for once it wasn't me. I did not feel totally terrible not even ten minutes later when it was me called out because Snug had a potty incident also. (I say incident because he did go in the potty...but also out of the potty) I am going to have to train toddler workers how to help little boys on the potty because the same thing happened again at church on Sunday.

I did not tear up just a tad today as my 2 year old marched himself into his new classroom and posed for a quick picture. I just feel like God is really blessing our church and I hope he finds me worthy of serving there.

I did not serve popcorn for dinner. #1 was totally ok with it as he wasn't very hungry either. That is my kind of Sunday night dinner!

I did not start brushing my teeth today...think something wasn't quite right, and then discover I was using my husband's toothbrush...maybe because I was so tired (the boys were up multiple times again last night...I forgot to give Baby J solids for dinner due to us just having popcorn so he was hungry all night, and Snug had a piece of candy...and well...there is more than just the health aspect to why he doesn't get candy).

I do not now have to brush the teeth of two of my Draycare kids every morning. Clearly I don't have enough to do already :o) I just fit it into the schedule...

I did not have to replace my blog counter. My other one died about a month ago...when I was moving things around and I couldn't revive it. I was at 3,000 something, so I just started the new one at 3,000. It isn't really accurate anyway because it counts ME as a visitor each time I log on, it started in October, and I have had a blog since April, and it was down for a month. Oh well. I really don't need it anyway, it just helps give me a good idea how many of you are out there...some of you show up on my blogfrog...but MOST of you do not. Those are just people who I follow their blogs, or people find me from their blogs.

Thank you to everyone who gave us advice on the heater. We still are not sure what we are going to do. We are leaning a little towards insulating our house, but we're not sure how much that will cost. After further research and your comments we're not sure the heater would help where we need the most help-our bedrooms. They are the coldest and they really do need to have their doors closed (especially our bedroom) for a majority of the day. We also do not want our bedroom doors open all night because if there was to be a fire, you have a higher probability of surviving (while sleeping) if the doors are closed. It buys you a few precious extra seconds by acting as a buffer between you and the flames/smoke. Toxic smoke kills more people than actual flames. We are cold in the main part of the house often too, and the heater would help that, but the bedrooms would get even colder. What a conundrum :o) Thanks for all your help! Happy Monday!


Alicia said...

Ha Ha! About the dogs. I do the same thing. I call them my "Hoovers." They are the best vacuum cleaners out there!

Beth Irish said...

Did you notice I did my own pictures? One is in a funny place, but I couldn't figure out how to move it. I don't understand about your counter -- am I missing something? I do like blogs better than Facebook. Everytime I give up on Facebook I get an email that I have a message there and then have to check it out. Do you know why I have to write these funny words everytime I comment to you? "word verification?" Have a great day.

All Things Family said...

ok, I don't understand your blog frog...b/c I visit every time you post..and never show up! What's up with that?? Do I have to sign on to be your friend on it or something?? Weird!

Hope you have a good week! funny not me's...poor potty problems..I'll be there soon enough!