Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Funny Pages

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I only have 3 funnies this week...and then updates on the bathroom and Baby J. So here we go!
I have been trying to teach Snug to say "Excuse Me" when he needs to get by someone, bumps into someone, or has bodily functions that need excusing. Not a big fan of many words for these functions, we simply say "tooting" to describe what happens down south. So after a particular tooting session the other day I asked Snug to say "excuse me". He said (and I HATE this is used sooo many times a day) "why?". I explained that when you toot, you have to be polite and say "excuse me". He thought for a second, grabbed his bottom and said "Oh. Escuuse my bottom"!
Today while on the way home from Baby J's doctor's appointment Snug was singing screeching a song in the backseat as my mom and I were trying to talk. I said "(Snug) that is enough of that, thank you". To which he replied "You're welpome mamma!"
My last funny is that while I was singing to Snug and rocking him, he decided it was choose your own tune night. He would start a song and we'd sing it. I told him 'one more' and he asked for "beya beya" which really sounds quite a bit like "beer beer" when you say it out loud (yeah, go ahead and try)...and I asked him several times to repeat it. Finally I started to sing some of his favorites and he'd say "NO". Finally I started to sing "The B-I-B-L-E" and he said "Yes! The Beya Beya" I thought maybe our whisky cough treatment was catching up with us.
So I plan on posting some bathroom pictures soon. We've all been able to take baths (no shower yet). I have some cute pictures of Snug in the tub but no one else wanted to be photographed. Anyway, I have probably 30 some pictures, and I still haven't put them on the computer. I will, I promise!
Baby J hasn't gained any weight since last Friday's appointment. He will be getting 1-2 oz of formula after each nursing and then re-evaluated next Friday. I don't know why I am so hung up on the formula. Snug had to have all formula from 6 months on. I guess I was determined to do it differently this time. I've just been reading SO much literature and medical studies on what we are eating and I know what food is best for him. But the bottom line is that GROWING is what is best for him. BUT, then again we did this whole song and dance with Snug, even ended up at a gastrointestinal doctor and never found anything out. I will be fighting harder this time as I am better informed. He will also be seeing a cardiologist (same as Snug at this age) about his deep purple and cold hands and feet. Baby massage doesn't even seem to be helping at this point. The doctor is not concerned about his lack of gross motor skills, so that is a relief.

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