Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not So Long Ago...

My friend Melissa started doing "Blast from the Past" posts and I happened to have a picture to post this time. She finds an old picture and puts it up and explains it. This time it was June 2004. This would have been one of the first pictures taken on our digital camera. We bought it with wedding shower money/gift certificates. I can't even believe the picture is still on my computer I keep very few pictures...most are on our flickr account and that started the day Snug was born. There are about 2 years worth of pictures you can' access digitally unless you go to our bank safe deposit box and haul them out!
So this is #1's graduation from college party. It took place in his room/apartment. He was a hall director so he had an apartment to himself his senior year. This is taken about 2 months before we got married. He graduated from Bluffton University with duo degrees in physics and chemistry...what else would you go to school for when you really wanted to be a cop?
Have a picture from June 2004? Post it on and link to her site.

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Lindsley said...

too funny! It's always fun to look at old pics ! I still can't believe how different Zaden looks from when he was born!