Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here it is!
Yeah Not Me Monday is back! Go to to join in the fun.

I did not find myself blocked into the bathroom laying flooring and tell Snug to “go watch TV” so he wouldn’t walk on the vinyl glue. My mom did not immediately tell me that it sounded like something I’d not do and then blog about. Does she know me or what?*

I did not wake up Christmas morning at 6 am before anyone else because I was really excited for Snug and #1 to get up, not me!

I did not get really grumpy for a couple of days while my husband and dad worked their tails off putting in a bathroom for me and my mom watched my kids for hours at a time. Really, I am still trying to figure out what my problem was. Anyway, I really appreciate all they did for me/us this past week.

I did not do a load of laundry and realize when it was done that I had never put any clothes in.

Snug and I did not play Wii until 9:00pm Christmas night while he and Baby J were tired and getting a bit cranky. I don’t believe that video games are good for children and I certainly do not get addicted to them*.

I did not write this post on Sunday it for Monday...see that MckMama had posted on Sunday...put up a partial post and save it so I could be #8...and then finish the post. :o) That might be cheating :o)

That is all I can think of for the past couple of weeks. How about you?

*Whatever your beliefs are on TV and video games for your children is your choice. It is never my intent to judge other people in this area, so please don’t be offended. Our family chooses to set strict limits on the amount of TV consumption (30 minutes a day, usually a DVD, and rarely “real” TV) unless of course we are doing home improvement that involves not having children walking in glue. I must admit that Snug has watched a fair amount of Wheel of Fortune and football in his young life. As far as the Wheel of Fortune goes, Pat and Vanna don’t speak rudely, almost always have appropriate clothes on, and never engage in questionable relationships on air. Their commercials on denture cream, joint pain relievers, and medicare simply do not cater to the whims of 2 year olds, so we also don’t worry about their influence on him. We also have decided we will not own a gaming system at this time, and have no plans to own one in the future. As our kids grow our opinions may or may not change.


MamaBear said...

Your comment about putting up a partial post made me smile. I put mine up and I swear I was #7, but now it says I'm 25. Strange. Maybe I shouldn't have gone back in and tweaked mine a little???

Anonymous said...

I've done some silly things but laundering no laundry...I've yet to reach that milestone. Thanks for the smiles.

Kim said...

So, M&J got me some Wii points for Christmas and went on line to find Bomberman for me. We (all 6 of us) got addicted to it over Christmas! We had so much fun and it makes me think of all the hours of Bomberman with Grandma! Love your blog, brings smiles and makes you living out of state easier!

Anonymous said...

Great NMM! I did my NMM Sunday night...then did the same thing so I wasn't so far down the list! Have a great week!