Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Few Words For Wednesday

Want something good for your kids media-wise to digest? Go to
From the makers of Veggie Tales! I've only spent about 30 minutes on the site, but it was pretty good. Haven't tried it out on Snug yet seems how amount of TV consumed=behavior problems...doesn't seem to matter if what he is watching is good or bad...just the amount of screen time. Anyway, I hope some of you check it out, it is worthwhile! Let me know what you think!
*Rutledges, I know you read this sometimes...your granddaughter did a great job today in her jellytelly clip!

Enough words...Wednesdays are supposed to be wordless see post below


MelArcile said...

by all means, please feel free to mirror my 25 random things post. It would be fun to see how different we are. :)

MELISSA said...

Never heard of it before now but I'll check it out! Thanks Jenney!