Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Visit To The Hospital

Thanks to everyone who sent e-mails, left messages, called our house, or replied to my tweets (and yes, I am pretty sure now I am using the correct terminology for that) about Baby J's testing at Children's yesterday. My parents were still here helping with our bathroom so I didn't take the time to post last night. Speaking of our bathroom, the trim is up and it is now up to me to get it sanded, holes filled, and painted. In my free time, right? The trim looks great, and I want to thank my dad again for all his hard work, and my mom for helping with the boys.
Here is how Baby J spent about 40 minutes yesterday at the hospital. This is the life. All cuddled up with his monkey being toted around in a wagon. I didn't realize until later that they had Dayton Police themed wagons or I surely would have picked one of those. Oh well, this one did the trick. He is "sweating" (thus the layers of clothing and blankets) into a small device that checks for cystic fibrosis.

I'm sure if he could speak he'd say "See? See what they are doing to me?". I snapped his photo quick and then stuck his arm back down to sweat a little more. He was pretty sleepy during the entire procedure. I'm not very medically minded, but I'll describe it for those of you who are interested. I nursed him while a lady put two electrodes on his arm to 'stimulate' the area. When she was done, she put this circle thing with a tiny tube coiled in it on a velcro band on his arm. This was covered by a piece of plastic to make him sweat more, and then wrapped in this cool dino wrap. He almost had pink with purple hearts, but she found the masculine one just in time. No one would have noticed though as it was covered by his shirtsleeves/Bundle Me/taggie/fleece blanket. When the test was done, she removed the tiny tube which now was partly filled with a blue liquid (an indicator of how much had been collected) and capped both ends of the tube with push pins...yep, office grade push pins! Then it was sent off to the lab.

Then came the taking of the blood. Among the things I can remember off hand, he was being tested for anemia, thyroid, glucose, calcium level, and platelets. We got a call today that all tests came back negative (as in positive news...that gets kinda confusing for me, I always have to ask, "so do they have it or no?"). You can see his cute bandaids here. He SCREAMED through the blood procedure but then was fine as soon as it was over.
No harm done. Just waiting to grow :o) His motor skills have just taken off lately. My parents saw a huge difference in him between now and two weeks ago. He rolls from his tummy to his back both directions, grasps even small toys and brings them to his mouth, pushes up on his tummy to look around, and is trying to "sit up" when we are holding him laying down.
Thanks for all the prayers!


Megan said...

SO glad to hear baby J's tests went well!

Kim said...

Great News!!!! Yeah, Jack must have studied well to do so well on his tests! :-)
Glad to hear he's figured out he may want to get moving! Now time for those "thank you" prayers!
Aunk Kim

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

That is wonderful news! Keep growing little man!!!

Deb said...

Yay! So glad to hear good news! I'm glad things weren't so terrible and that he is okay :) See you tomorrow!

MELISSA said...

Aww it's always tough to see your baby through those non-routine medical trips. We've had a few of those here. Glad to hear the tests went well and hopefully he will have a huge growth spurt soon!