Saturday, December 20, 2008

Um...How Much Is Whisky? And Do You Have Millet?

What? The title made you do a double take? What? You didn't realize I was a big drinker? I mean, it is the holidays...right?
Ha. No, Snug has a horrible cough that is making him gag up mucus and he can't catch his breath. They don't sell cough and cold products for children under 4 am doing my best with home remedies. He is a walking Eucalyptus commercial thanks to Unkers. He has had more nose suctions and saline solution in his nose than I can count. And yet his nose keeps a running and he keeps a coughing. So, I called my mom and asked what she used to do for us, and she told me how to make some homemade things. The first one we tried was an onion finely chopped, and 2 TBS of honey. I put them in a (clean) cloth diaper and let them sit in a bowl for 3 hours. The juice that squeezed out the bottom and into the bowl he is getting by the tsp. We haven't seen any real difference yet with that one.
The second one we tried required me to go to the liquor store (not my #1 hangout, I assure you) and ask the lady for some whiskey. I think she was pretty sure I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I explained what I needed it for and she was nice enough to tell me that if Snug wouldn't take the concoction (which he did...he called it juice) to add it to some hot tea. Anyway, I am in no way advocating giving your small children alcohol, but I was willing to try anything today.
Here's what our mix is: 4 oz honey, 4 TBS lemon juice, and 1 tsp. whiskey. I keep all of our glass jars from pizza and spaghetti sauce for storing dry grains/pastas/ground grains for baby food. I used one to keep the 'cough syrup' in and to shake it-SHAKE WELL! I gave it to him both before his nap and before bed and he got/is getting more rest than he has in a few days. I gave him 1 tablespoon.
In reference to the rest of my blog title, I am trying to find millet for Baby J's baby food. So far I can only find it on! I called several grocery stores today and most of them had to ask me 2-3 times "You want what???"


Deb said...

I have friends that made their own baby food with millet- one of them uses it all the time still... I'll ask them for you. The only thing is they are in Alaska and NJ.
I hope Snug feels better soon!

Erin Morgan said...

My mom used to give us Whiskey Honey and Lemon all the time when we were little. Until my sister started drinking it like juice. That was the end of that!! :) You should check a whole foods store or organic health food store for the millet. They should be able to order if they don't have any in stock.

Hey, have you talked to your brother lately?? I saw him and his wife last week when we were on vacation. It was crazy running into him.