Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas! It is Christmas Eve, but my husband is working and my kiddos are in bed, so I might as well post my bi-weekly EYE SPY post where you SPY what EYE post! If you and your little people like these posts, grab my button from my sidebar for your blog (thanks to Melissa of Color Me Happy Designs. Happy Looking!
Sorry today's picture is kinda fuzzy...I don't think I had my camera set up correctly. If you need to see it bigger you can click on the picture.

Can you spot three jingle bells shiny? Look really close, they are kinda tiny.

And speaking of tiny, these two are just that. Each little man has a mini Santa hat.

If tonight you are still up wrapping gifts for the kids, you might need these bows to go on the lids.

I save the best for last, so everyone will remember. Jesus is the reason we celebrate each December.

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