Thursday, December 4, 2008

Friday Funny Pages-All Snug

I am hoping in a few hours to post a very party party post...we'll see. But until then, here are my Friday funnies. I am actually posting this late Thursday night...because I'm hoping to be doing a party party post tomorrow!
Ok, so potty training has been quite interesting and I'm pretty sure Baby J will be in diapers forever because I may never even attempt to potty train again. Early apologies to his kindergarten teacher. Anyway, the contents of the potty have been of particular interest to Snug well as learning his colors. Well, "Lellow Mamma!" has been his latest phrase as he gazes on his accomplishments. As a side note, he has a nasty intestinal bug that is going around. He feels fine, but can't always make it to the potty so he's in a diaper until things clear up in case we don't make it.
The other night I had to stop in the middle of dinner and nurse Baby J. When I returned to the table Snug pointed out that I had not eaten everything on my plate (which is the general rule here). Snug: Your foodie mamma. Your foodie pease.
Ok, so I don't know if I posted this or not but Snug loves all the manger scenes he sees. The first one he saw this year he got all excited and said "Jesus! Jesus Church!" The next manger scene he saw he got equally excited and said "Church Jesus!". So the next manger scene we saw was at #1's grandma's house and I asked him who was in the manger. He peered carefully, thought for a second and then said "baby J". Nice.
Super Boy resides here these days. He is usually not wearing pants and has a slinky around his neck. He announces to everyone within a 20 mile radius that he is now in fact Super Boy. That is how super boy rolls.
One that just melted my heart was when we were getting ready to go to FPU this week. I was getting Snug's jacket on.
Snug: Jesus ove me mamma?
Me: Yes He does
Snug: Oh Mamma...pauses...I so happy mamma
Oh, and here's my latest funny. #1 is on a stakeout currently outside the home of a man who robbed our BIBLE BOOKSTORE. Not only that, he dropped his credit card on the way out the door so they know exactly who he is. C'mon people.
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Deb said...

That bookstore is right around the corner from us and I saw all the cops around on my way out today. And I wondered if one of them was yours, but I think it was right after it happened so probably not.
Potty training with Alex was not that hard and I am still not looking forward to doing it again. Maybe baby J will get it pretty quick. And also not have diarrhea while you're in the process.

Megan said...

So that being interested in the contents of the potty and describing it to you, only gets worse as they get older and learn more words. Well at least in Matthew's case, he always feels the need to be very desciptive which I could definitely live without. Maybe it is a boy thing.