Saturday, December 27, 2008

RSV, Our Tub, and Me

We got the call today that Baby J does have RSV...but there is nothing we can do but monitor him and if his breathing is labored take him to the ER. He is just miserable, and I am so glad my parents are here to help out. He wants to be held ALL the time. Please pray that his lungs stay clear and it doesn't develop into pneumonia. Snug is also complaining again about his ears hurting...the other ear too. We have 5 more days of antibiotics to go.

On a lighter note, we went to Lowe's and spent all of our hard earned envelope on our 'new bathroom'. I am so so excited! Well, not all the envelope money, but more than we thought we would be spending in one trip. We decided to open a Lowe's credit card to save the 10% then pay it off and close the we bought everything we thought we'd possibly need, kept the receipt in case we bought too much and needed to return anything, and saved a bunch of money! And no, we don't normally use credit cards on anything, but technically we have the cash and will stick it in the bank and pay the bill. I will take pictures of before and after the demolition/remodel.

And finally ME! (yeah, you can stop reading, the interesting stuff is over). I am really enjoying having my parents here and help with the kids. We had a nice Christmas celebration with them today and I will post pictures later. I also made a quinoa and rice pilaf for supper, I'll share the recipe later if I remember! It was 65 deg today...amazing.


Erin Morgan said...

Jenney -
I will be praying for your boys and their health. I know how rough that can be when you have sick little ones. You just feel so helpless. I am also glad that your parents are there to help with the load! I know that is a blessing! Keep working hard momma! And don't forget to eat a bit for fat in your diet to fatten that baby up :) Hugs!!

Deb said...

Poor Baby J! I hope he gets through it okay. As for Snug... I got something for you! One of my dearest friends in the world- her sister is super all-natural and has a post just for ears.
go down to her herbal lesson #1. I havent tried it yet, havent needed to, (well- the hubs could have used it, but wouldnt let me) but I'm excited to see how well it works for us.
Also- my husband works for Lowe's. If you get things delivered, it'll probably be him. Just thought I'd share that :)

Megan said...

Poor baby J! I will be praying!

Jenney said...

Thanks Deb...I'm adding her to my blog list...I think she is interesting.