Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday

Ah, it is Monday again. This may be the only good thing about Mondays. But I will do this post really quick and then post some pics from our playgroup Christmas party.

I did not put my son in princess panties pull ups twice this week...and it was not partly my fault he was wearing them because I didn't take his pants completely off before setting him on the commode. (ok, but in my defense, he had already used up the extra outfit I had sent both places)

Snug did not love wearing princess panties pull-ups and cry when we took them off. Not my son.

We did not spend two hours after church yesterday at the mall battling mad crowds looking for fleece lined crocs (or whatever brand) because I am not sick of putting EVERYONE'S shoes on around here. I did not seriously consider paying $25 for a pair that we found at Dick's, but we didn't get them, I am too cheap!

I did not burn a whole pot of garbanzo beans I was cooking for a friend that just had a baby and have to start all over. Nope, I never burn food.

I did not knock over my snowman plate stand and smash 6 of my Christmas dishes. And I most certainly did not cry about it.

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CrysRich said...

If you don't care about getting name-brand Crocs, we got Ginny some fleece-lined off-brand crocs at Walmart for just a couple of bucks. I've seen them at Kmart, Target and Meijer, too. I refuse to buy name brand Crocs, EVER. They are so expensive!

MelArcile said...

So, have you noticed that MckMamma has been visiting your blog?? How cool is that... :o)