Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Funny Pages

Good afternoon and welcome to this week's Friday Funny Pages brought to you by Racecars & Ruby Slippers, Jenney Dray, The letter Q (which still doesn't work well on my computer) and the number 0 (because that is how many days I have left to watch small children that are not my own in 2008).

Not a whole lot of hilarity around here, just a 'normal' week for us folks. The weather has been a bit weird...we've had a slight ice storm, rain, wind, COLD, and today it is partly sunny and almost 60 deg. But on to the regularly scheduled post.

Little M is sitting playing with a toy on the floor.
Snug: My turn.
Little M: No, me.
Snug: Thinks for a minute...looks around...and takes the toy
Little M: Hey!!!!!
Snug: Oh! I help you!
Yeah, because clearly Little M was having a hard time. No worries folks, I resolved the issue, but it was kinda funny.

All the kids enjoyed playing with our Little People nativity this month. I use it at breakfast to teach the Christmas story instead of our usual devotions in December. E's family gave us the inn, inn keeper, inn keeper's (I'm assuming) wife, some palm trees, a Bethlehem background, and some more animals for the stable. That has been an exciting new addition to our stable, Mary, Joseph, etc. etc. I had to crack up though when R handed a shepherd to Snug yesterday and said "Here you go. Here's the little Indian king" I think that inn keeper, 3 kings, shepherd, and Jesus being king got a bit confused...

Here is one of the nicest pictures I've gotten of the kids all together. Big M didn't make the picture, #1 was dropping him off at school at the time of the photo shoot. From left to right:
E, M, Baby J, Snug, Little M *Baby J's wardrobe, more specifically pants, courtesy of R's family as a Christmas gift.

This was what R and I did a few days ago together. She is my right hand man girl.

Not sure...we don't always ask...they don't usually tell. *Uncle you recognize the tie?
Yeah...I'm pretty sure R orchestrated this whole thing...glad I had a camera on hand.

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