Friday, December 19, 2008

Watching Rick Warren

I am watching a Dateline NBC special and they are talking to Rick Warren. I have found his views on homosexuality and abortion interesting-not that he agrees with them, but how he deals with and explains his disagreement.
Rick Warren will be praying at Obama's inauguration, even though many homosexuals are livid. I thought it was interesting how he can respect and be friends with Obama (pretty sure I'm struggling with the first, and would never be the second) and still vehemently disagree with him on many issues.
I really liked what he (Warren) said about tolerance. He said, and I cannot use quotes (grrr that letter that comes after p in the alphabet and is so hard to use on my keyboard) because I know I am not ""ing him exactly from the tv, but it was along the lines of: tolerance used to mean I can respect you and be kind to you even though I do not agree with your views. Now tolerance means that all views are valid and equal-which we as believers don't believe (or shouldn't). So I am not tolerant because I hate abortion and think it is a sin, even though I can be friends and supportive of someone who is considering abortion or has had an abortion. I just hope when I talk to others who I disagree with (aka am considered intolerant of) I can be as kind and respectful as Mr. Warren was in his tv interview.
I'm pretty sure if you want to see parts of the interview with Ann Curry and Rick Warren you could look it up on

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Erin Morgan said...

Jenney -

I'm watching Dateline right now and am excited to see the "rick warren" portion. Our Pastor spoke on the very topic of tolerance only a few weeks ago (near the election). I really agree with the statement and ideas of how our tolerance has turned into post-modernism. Our pastor went on to say that the "tolerance" that we are exhibiting these days isn't tolerance at all, but disrespect. But that when having tolerance, we should continue to speak up for what we believe, and argue/defend our points in love and respect for the other person, while listening with respect to their arguments. This is tolerance. Tolerance isn't turning a blind eye to what someone else believes, in order to not hurt their feelings. That is disrespectful and rude.