Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friday Funny Pages

I have some pictures of Baby J and Snug to post, really I do, but I am kinda tired and not really feeling technology savvy and just waiting for #1 to come home so I can go to bed. I don't normally wait up for him to get home, but tonight I had a lot to do...including make more quarts of applesauce for Christmas presents. Did I mention I have the Kitchenaid attachments that do this for me? I bought it for myself from #1 for Christmas (off of Craigslist), and have already used it multiple times! Any why do I not have any water pressure? Sorry, just had to vent that. Lately whenever I have an especially big mess to clean up I turn on the faucet and get just a trickle...but when Snug washes his hands by himself without help from his mamma, he gets a HUGE amount of water pressure and gets himself and the entire bathroom wet. I think Murphy lives here.

I have been blogging since April 3. That is almost 9 months...I had Snug 20 months before that...if I had started blogging 29 months ago...I might have been more sane!

Feeling a little rambly tonight, but I'm posting my Friday Funny Pages now because it is almost midnight I am within 15 minutes of Friday as I type. Click the link on my sidebar to see other funny Fridays. Oh, and rambling on here, and speaking of Friday Funny Pages, the author of that blog (you know, the one you click on and go to) has been trying very hard to help me, the tech queen, get on board and have a button for EYE SPY. Soooo, if you've tried to use it and it doesn't work, it is my fault, not hers. And I thank her very much for her patience with me, and you for your patience with my ever changing sidebar that doesn't usually work.

Back to Craigslist...and going down a rabbit trail once again...We love Craigslist! If you've never used it before, you have to try. Go to and look up your nearest city. We have been selling things lately. Don't worry, we meet in public places and do all cash. Tomorrow we are getting rid of selling a lamp we never use and a doll bed that *sigh* it looks like I won't ever have a little girl to use.

But why am I up? Well, because when I cook/can/get out a dish in my kitchen suddenly the entire thing is a wreck. There are 3 things I don't ever do around here, or at least very rarely. I don't mow (#1 actually enjoys this activity), I don't take out the garbage trash (The bag usually rips and makes a HUGE mess if I try, plus I take out the recycles and the compost and there is like twice as much of that as actual garbage), and I don't do the dishes. Tonight I did the dishes because really, I looked around and thought I'd be downright depressed if I was #1 and came home to that. Then I noticed it was already 11:30 so I might as well get my Friday Funny Pages up and wait for him to come home.

SOOOO, nothing funny so far...but wait! I did remember some tidbits from the week to share with you.

I was nursing this afternoon at lunch and R and Snug were eating lunch.

R-When "Baby J" gets big, can he have milk?

Me-He has milk now, mamma milk.

R-I know, the milk from your tummy (she thinks he eats from my stomach apparently) but will he get real milk?

Me-Cows milk? Yes.

Snug-Tow Milk! YEEE HAW!

*Does anyone but me think R needs a different blog name? I mean, she is a hoot and we love her...but she gets labeled as "R" to protect her privacy...any ideas? Not saying I'll use them, but "R" just seems...blah.

The other night I was making dinner and Snug had already gotten up to the table. His plate of food was cooling in front of him and we were waiting to see if #1 could come home for supper. I heard from the dining room the following conversation:

Otay. I pay. Ach-chooo Esus for foot (pronounced foo-t, as in rhymes with boot). Ahhhhmen. I eat.

Translation: Okay, I'll pray. Thank you Jesus for food. Amen. I eat.


MelArcile said...

I love the story about Snug praying! So cute. Isn't it weird to think about how much our lives have changed in the past 3 years...

MELISSA said...

Love the prayer! Riley always say, Dear God, thank you for our food and help us not be scared, Amen. Every. Time. :)