Sunday, December 28, 2008

Who Are These People Anyway?

I follow quite a few blogs. Some of them I check often, like my cousins', and some are just there so I don't forget where they are when I want to find something. They are in order on my sidebar according to who has updated most recently. You might want to read some too! Here is what you can expect from each (in the order they appear today):
The Meyers Chronicles-this is posted by my cousin Melissa. She is a stay-at-home mom of two little boys. We both enjoyed growing up with lots of family around...have moved away from said family, and try to keep our kids in touch.
My Charming Kids-one of my favorite reads, this is mom who has four kids, ages 3 and under. She just has a certain style that makes me crack up. I found her blog through The Meyers Chronicles. I have referred to her before as 'MckMama'
PW Full RSS Feed-I'm not sure why it shows up with that title, but it is "Pioneer Woman". As far as I can tell she lives in the middle of no where on a ranch. I like to see her photography tips...I could take or leave the rest of it.
4 Love of Family-This family is friends with My Charming Kids and I check it once in awhile to see more pictures of things they do together.
It's Twinsanity-This blog is by a mom who has 6 children, with 2 sets of twins. I found her when she left a comment on MckMama's blog. Twins fascinate me...and she has 2 sets. Her husband is due to deploy with the Army in just a few days.
The Morgan's Matinee-This is posted by my friend Erin from high school. We were in choir and many musicals together. She has one little cutie named Finnegan. I've really enjoyed getting back in touch with her through her blog.
Baby Makes 3!-I found this blog through a "Not Me Monday". We've e-mailed a few times, and she is a mom of a little boy, Zaden, and one baby on the way.
Pinkdebsters Xanga-This is my friend Debbie from my Wednesday night church. We are in a mom's Bible study together. She has a little boy in Snug's class and a little girl in Baby J's nursery.
Racecars and Ruby Slippers-When I was at Cedarville I had only about 15 people in a majority of my classes by the time I was a senior. We did student teaching, observations, methods, and projects together. This is posted by Melissa, who was part of that group, and I've enjoyed getting to know her kids though her posts.
The Alburgers-my friend and RA from college puts up this post about her new little baby Jackson. I can't wait to meet him in person.
Of Love And Loss-Another person I met through "Not Me Monday" and enjoy e-mailing back and forth occasionally. She has a daughter and a new baby on the way.
You Can Never Have Too Many-I just added this one today, after it being recommended by Debbie. After reading just a bit I was hooked. She likes to do things as naturally as possible too...and I am just learning, so I need all the help I can get.
Living For The Line-Donna was a teacher at my elementary school and blogs about her fight against cancer. She has an amazing testimony and I read her blog whenever I start feeling sorry for myself-I have nothing to complain about.
Rutledge 6-I grew up in the same church as Angel's husband. I have always admired the Rutledge family. This branch of the Rutledge family has a blog about their family and their journey through adopting two children from Liberia.
Our Life, Blog Style-this blog is by my cousin Crystal. She has a boy who is in kindergarten (I can't believe it!) and a little girl. I miss seeing her kids grow up so it is fun to read her blog and see what her kids are doing.
Irish Rovings-this blog is one I helped my aunt set up for her Christmas letter. I am hoping she continues to post so I can see her grandkids (my cousin's children) grow up. We get to see them one or two times a year.
The Everyday Adventures Of Two Little Irish Boys-remember that small band of college students I was with my senior year? Derika was a part of it too, and we also have taken some master's classes together. She has two young boys-I was pregnant with Snug while she was pregnant with her oldest-but he is 6 months older.
Dirty Laundry-Airing It Out...One Load At A Time-this blog will make you laugh. April and her husband were RD's at my college and now are missionaries with The Navigators. They have four children, one of whom they adopted recently from China.
Just Another Smith-My best friend (and probably the best friend I ever had) when I was in high school writes this blog. We lost communication for almost 10 years, and now I love to read up on what she is doing. She is expecting a little girl soon, and has a little boy who makes me laugh. She needs to blog more often, because it is the funniest read I ever have. She could be an author.
Miles and Miles to Mylei-this is April's original blog. It documents her journey in adoption. I keep it on there for reference on adoption (something we are considering, though not seriously at this point).
Floyd and Pam in Costa Rica-this blog is rarely updated because the Elmore's live in Costa Rica and don't always have internet to blog with . Pastor Floyd was the head of the Bible department when I was in school, and then my pastor for a few years before going to the missions field.
21 different blogs...21 totally different stories...21 ways to NOT get my laundry done, cloth diapers hung on the line, supper started, e-mail read...but just so we are clear, I do NOT write my blogs or check other people's while my kids are up. Ok, Ok, so sometimes I read them, but only if Snug is on my lap and there are lots of pictures of kids posted. He loves Jayce, MckNugget, Matthew, Finn, Alex, Riley, Crystal's kids, himself, and all the pictures of pets. He takes mild interest in other children who are posted, but usually those kids are his favorites. So sorry if your kids didn't make the post...try having them post with some sort of sports equipment, Bob the Builder trucks, or eating food. Those usually get his attention.


MelArcile said...

Yea!! We are on there! And Jayce is a favorite! I'm glad that you posted this. I'm always wondering about people on your blog list. Hope you are having a good with with your parents!! And I can't wait to see pictures of that bathroom.

Jess said...

I read up on others may want to check this one out from my blog. Nitty.Gritty. Their family was turned upside down several years ago, when a car entered through the restaurant they were eating in, killing their little girl, and severly injuring the rest of the family. You can read up about it under Teagan's story. It's amazing, so check it out when you get a chance. And Audrey Caroline, and the Luke Sponberg Foundation. These are my friends from Selah who both lost babies this year. When you have time, or if (haha) take a look. I enjoy going to others on your sight too...thanks for the info. on all of them. Have a great week!