Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day And Way Too Many Pictures

We had a great Christmas. I have a couple of Not Me's about it...but overall, very fantastic!
We had a great fire (not that this picture shows it) thanks to #1. He and Baby J enjoyed quite a bit of cuddle time. #1 got a bunch of work out type equipment and I cleared out a space in the basement for him to use it in.

I got a new sling from Kangaroo Korner it is a wrap sling as opposed to my ring slings that I make. It is really comfortable and even Snug liked getting a ride. Sorry, I look a
I'm not 'wearing' Snug here, he kept trying to sit behind me today so I would "squish" him.

Snug got a new Nalgene bottle (BPA free), a Diego bathtub boat toy, a stocking full of cars/Frutiibu/etc, and a magnetic drawing board (like a magnadoodle). He especially liked the 'magnadoodle' and spent the afternoon with it.
So much fun to 'color' and then erase and then 'color' and erase and 'color' and erase and...
Yep, it was a hit :o)
Baby J got his first baseball glove, a dinosaur that you put balls into, a stocking full of goodies, and two cute wooden toys from Haba (and no, you know me, I did NOT pay full price). I linked to a store that has a wide variety if you are interested in purchasing any...but I"ll give you a hint that is always good...ahem...
And boy are they yummy! He got his second tooth today too.
What? My friends in Washington State and Michigan didn't have their kids out riding bikes today? What you have feet upon feet of snow? What? You didn't hear it was in the low 50's and sunny here? It is snow much more fun to ride your trike in the sun than in the slush. (No, he didn't get this for Christmas, he got it for his birthday even though he wasn't quite big enough for it yet...we didn't think it would be this, um, "nice" at Christmas).
Playing outside today with him made me think of this post. Wow, he has already changed. Oh, and as an early "Not Me" I did not have Snug outside playing today when he still has a tiny cough and is on antibiotics from his ear infection. I don't think I even wrote about that. On Tuesday we took the kids to the doctor because Snug was coughing so hard he was vomiting and kept telling me he had a bruise in his ear...usually means that something hurts. I set up an appointment for Baby J just as a precaution...he had a little cough too. Turns out they both had an ear infection and Baby J has lost a pound since his 4 month checkup (he'll be 6 months Saturday). Today you wouldn't even know Snug had been sick, but Baby J isn't snapping out of it so fast. He goes back in tomorrow.
Hope you and all of your families had a Merry Christmas!

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