Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me Monday

Truth be told, I don't think I did very much dumb stuff this week. Amazing!

I did not bribe Snug to keep his pants clean/dry at church on Wednesday by promising him a piece of his train that was supposed to be in his Christmas stocking. Oh, and what was the theme of my Bible study that night? Not bribing your children to do things they should because they should just do it because it is right. I'm not there yet, sorry.

I did not drop an egg, shell and all into my cookie mix and then I did not accidentally turn the mixer on high instead of off so I could get the shell out. Then I did not simply poke around in the dough and pick out what eggshell I could find. I did not continue to make the cookies, bake them, and serve them to guests. Not me! (And I ate more than I should have of these cookies and there was not one hint of odd crunch, so really, it was ok)

I did not get home from church yesterday and discover we have a flat tire on the van where I drove over a nail. I did not then decide to make a 'label' for my sidebar of the blog listed "van" so that others who are transportation challenged can join us in our misery fun journey.

Admit it, blog it, link it to "Not Me! Monday" on MckMamma's blog, who indicidentally showed me how to strink through words I do not mean to write!


Lindsley said...

Ha! That egg story sounds like something I'd totally do! Oh, and don't feel bad about bribery...I think good behavior is something they should do b/c it's being respectful, etc..but come on..keeping his pants dry...reward the kid! That's a big accomplishment! I bribed the heck out of the girls I nannied for and it worked like a charm!

Mrs B said...

The things we do to keep those pants dry...