Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Adventures

 Now that #1 has a detective position our lives have changed.  Some things are harder, like him being on call one week a month and us needing to stay within 30 minutes of the department.  Some things are easier, like his more regular hours (most of the time).  I think the best BEST part is that he gets (most) weekends off.  We've been able to have some adventures!

 One of our favorite places to go is our nearby children's museum.  #1's parents gave us a year pass and we go about every 3 weeks.

 Little Monkey Man likes that he can touch and climb on nearly everything.  He is constant motion.  He also learns by doing things hands-on and loves to find out how things work.
 #1 likes that it is rarely crowded when we go.  He isn't big on being where many other people are.  Because we have the pass we can look over where lots of people are and NOT be in that part of the museum.
 Rosebud likes that we usually have lunch there and that we often take the double stroller meaning she doesn't have to walk.
 Snug likes to read the exhibits and is starting to remember things he's learned before and make connections.

 Sweet Pea loves that she can touch all the knobs and buttons and tries to keep up with everybody.
 There is very little "no, don't touch" which is so nice when you live in a "no, don't touch" world.
 As she has recently mastered simple shapes and most all of the colors, Rosebud was excited to show off her skills.
We also enjoy the space theatre where we see the stars, 3D movies, and documentaries.  This obviously isn't the theatre, but it IS the end of the part about the museum...

 Today's adventure was Snug's school fair.  We got to play lots of games and won prizes.
 Sweet Pea spent the day in the Ergo.  It was warm enough that we left our coats in the car-always a blessing.
 This is Queen of St. Patrick's Day.  In her own mind.
 Do you know What you can catch at a school fair?

 You can catch a moustache!  How goofy is that???  He cracks me up.
Do you know what this big bloody fish is for?
 Throwing into a toilet.  Yep, that's what that game was.  "Fish Flush".
 Here we are at the cake walk, still sporting a 'stash.  No one won, daddy was sad about that.

 Later in the day #1 took the littles home and Snug and I stayed to run a game.  We ended up with THE hardest game in the building.  The ring in his hand is attached to a string on the end of that pole.  On the red and yellow pole is a hook if you look close.  You had to swing the ring in an arc and get it to catch on the hook.  After demonstrating probably a hundred times so kids knew how to throw it I got it 6 times.
 A friend gave Snug his tickets that he had left and Snug also ended up with some facial hair.
When we got home they posed for a minute so I could capture a brotherly moment.  I have a feeling this one will be one of my favorites for years to come.  Speaking of which...

I captured this one the other night too.  I LOVE it.  Yes, there is a mess on the floor and it isn't fact it has an odd angle to it all together.  But I love the moment that was captured.  Love these people!  Looking forward to more Saturday adventures.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow Day!

 We woke up Wednesday morning to THIS blessing!  I wasn't expecting it in March.  Actually I wasn't expecting it at all.  We didn't have hardly any snow last year, a couple of dustings, and this year, while we have had some snow, I didn't think that we'd get this much GOOD snow!!!  It was absolutely beautiful.  And as I type it is in the 40's outside and quickly disappearing.
 I hadn't planned on taking Sweet Pea's 15 month pictures outside, but that's what I did!  She loved it!  Her snowsuit is quite a bit too big, but she didn't mind.
 The cold didn't seem to bother her anyway-not that it really was that cold, it was in the 30's so nothing terrible.
 Little Monkey Man doesn't remember seeing snow on the trees like this.  We had two other decent snows this year (even got to go sledding!) but it didn't stay on the trees like frosting.
 Snug had the day off of school and we enjoyed every minute of him being home with us.  We found a snowball maker earlier this winter (it laid beside the road for 2 weeks in a house that no one lives in and we finally brought it home) and he and I had a great snowball fight.
 Rosebud loved the snow too.  To keep her from getting cold we put the "booties" on her snowsuit so she didn't have very much use of her hands.  Her snowsuit is made for a much younger person.

 If it wasn't March and if we weren't putting all of our winter things away, I'd be tempted to frame this one!
 The snow stayed on the trees thick like this all day.  It was simply beautiful.
 We put Sweet Pea into our frame backpack so she wouldn't be down on the ground and so she could see what we were doing.  Her snowsuit and boots made it impossible for her to walk around.  The boys made her snow balls and said she was part of an ice cream sundae!
 Here are two of the snowmen we made.  They also made snowmen for our neighbor to enjoy in her yard.  It was PERFECT snowman snow in the afternoon.  Poor LMM is very sad that they are melting away today.
 We also made a snow monkey in honor of Little Monkey Man :o)
 Although I know he's made a snowman with us before, he doesn't remember it.  He seriously was in LOVE with his snowman.  He did lots of the work himself, I helped with the lifting.
And here's a picture to make you cold after all of those winter pics!  Little Miss weighs 16 lbs 14 oz (a whopping 2 oz gain) and I didn't get her length...too squirmy.  No new milestones this month, but she continues to repeat many words and she has quite the personality!  She'll be very grateful for summer as she'd rather not wear any clothes thankyouverymuch!