Sunday, November 25, 2012

A House Divided Cannot Lose

 Ah, the Michigan/Ohio State game. Just as much of a holiday at our house as any other.  We are certainly a house divided.  #1 grew up in the Buckeye State and has two little followers.  Little Monkey Man had a unit in preschool about Ohio where they brainwashed the students by teaching them "Hang on Sloopy" complete with the O H I O.  Sick.  He has taken on a little disciple in Rosebud who now says "Go Buckeyes" with gusto.  I've lost her.
However, Snug loves Michigan and proudly wore his old Michigan sweatshirt to school last week even though it was much too small.  My parents brought him a new one to wear for the game that should fit him for a couple more years!  Sweet Pea doesn't have an opinion on the matter yet, but she wore Michigan because well, if you drink "Michigan Milk" you're gonna wear Michigan wear.  I'm hoping to keep her on the good side.
 It is a friendly rivalry here.
 And even when we're rooting for two different teams in what can be an intense game we're still friends.
 It is a lot of fun.  Even when your team loses.  Ahem.
 Oh!  And we have special food.  We always have chicken wings and fries that #1 makes in the backyard.  We also have other finger foods.  This year I had yellow and blue M&Ms and buckeyes.
 Poor baby woke up from her nap in time to find out her team lost.  I know baby girl, I felt the same way.  She wore (but I didn't get a photo of) the Ohio State diaper that we bought for LMM back when he was a baby.  It is OSU on the outside and Michigan on the inside.  Interpret that how you want.
Somebody was happy with the outcome!


Deb said...

This post is cracking me up! And sorry for your loss.... I guess ;)

Jenilee said...

you guys are just too fun!!! wish we could have watched the game with you. :) hard day for Michigan but still fun to enjoy game day!