Friday, May 3, 2013

A Glance at April

 Wow, I had almost given up blogging, but not quite yet.  I am so lazy.  I just upload pictures to Facebook and move on.  Life is really busy and I just don't really take the time to sit down and write.  These first pictures are from Rosebud's birthday party.
 We did a pinwheel theme.  It was fun, but these sandwiches were quite a bit of work.  Thankfully I had lots of help in the kitchen.  I found her crown on Pinterest, which took me to an Etsy site.  When I saw the price I laughed and dug into my sewing supplies.  I did it for about $4 because I already owned quite a bit of what I needed.
 I can't believe she is three already.  Three is an emotional age apparently.  She can be super giggly and happy and sweet or super NOT that way.  And it can be minute by minute.
 Our favorite Reptile Man came to Little Monkey Man's school.  I was disappointed that the large snake didn't make an appearance.  The biggest one he has all the kids in the class can hold at one time.  This one is just a little guy.
 LMM loved the whole presentation.

 The portrait studio I use for the kids birthdays closed.  So now I will be doing my own pictures.  My brother played with this one and got her eyes to be really blue, but I'm having trouble saving it so I can do anything with it.  We have a Mac now and I feel illiterate.
 We "borrowed" a neighbor's yard to take her pictures in.  They had a beautiful magnolia in bloom and some of the pictures were taken by a weeping willow that was just beautiful.
 We got one last one in our dandelion infested yard :o)
 Next up is SWAT rappelling!  #1 hates heights, but braved it for SWAT training.  It was a really windy cold day but we stopped by to cheer him on anyway.
 He never looks nervous, but he always says he is scared to death.  Personally I'd LOVE to do it.
 He did this the day after the Boston Marathon Bomber was captured.  I am very proud to be married to "one of those guys".  We pray he never has to use his skills in quite that big of an event.
 Snug is doing a "Flat Stanley" project for school. But he is called "Flat Freddie".  We are supposed to be taking lots of pictures of them doing things together...well we have a few but I keep forgetting about it.
 I participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Change again this year.  It might be my last time, which is so sad.  I just won't have anyone in diapers next year.
She was a ver good participant!  I haven't heard yet if we broke last year's Guinness World record.  I hope so!


Laura said...

Love the pinwheel theme fruity kabobs! As well as the peek into your life. Your kids are getting so big!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. As usual, I adored the photos of the children & really enjoyed seeing Matt in action.
Love you all,
Aunt Cheryl

J Williams said...

Very Cute pictures!

Keep on Blogging!

CM said...

Well at least you weren't changing her on...what was it again from last year...a tailgate or picnic table or something?!? Looks like they had you guys inside this year, that's good :-)

Love the SWAT pics, the kids are so proud of their daddy, you can tell!