Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm A Horrible Blogger...

 Yeah, I'm more than a little behind.  And for the past year I've been awful about blogging.  But here is a valiant effort to catch up.  The boys both played rec league ball.  Snug's last year for t-ball, LMM's last year for B-ball.

 Snug improved quite a bit.  We didn't know whether to move him up into coach pitch or not.  Grade wise he should have been coach pitch, but age wise t-ball.  We stuck with his age and he had a good season.
 It was easier to enjoy LMM's season NOT being his coaches.  #1 helped QUITE A BIT as, well, LMM is a bit squirrel-y.  He's always having a good time.

 Last day of preschool for LMM meant not long till Rosebud gets to start preschool...and she is EXCITED about that.  These "turtles" as she calls them get a hug EVER.  SINGLE. TIME. from her on the way in.  I don't think they're turtles, I think they're weird little people things.

 See you in a few weeks!
 This is LMM and LMM's apprentice.  She goes where he goes, talks how he talks, and acts how he acts.  But they're good buddies.
 Strawberry picking!  He must have gotten a rotten one :o)

 Now THAT is a good daddy.  She was very happy to ride on his back and eat strawberries!
 We picked three large buckets and I made about half a years worth of jam.  The other half will be red raspberry that we'll pick in the late summer early fall.

 The place we pick is very nice and lets the kids eat all they can and carry out all they can in their hands for free.  I think each kid probably ate a quart.

 A little boy I babysit for has Juveniele Diabetes.  We were able to go to a mini-golf benefit for him one morning.  Very fun!

 Rosebud could barely hit the ball.  Then she's pick it up, set it next to the hole and either "putt" or kick it in.  Perfect.

 Snug was the only one playing with any semblance of rules.

 The kids got their faces painted and then we headed over to see the goats (the event was at a local dairy).

 #1 and my dad are making a new bedroom in our basement.  Here are the before pictures.  If I am not as horrible as a blogger as I have been, I'll keep you updated.  Don't cross your fingers!

 I've wanted to get a little playhouse for the girls for a couple of years but they are SO EXPENSIVE.  I sold off some of the kids things they were not using anymore and was able to get this one pretty cheap on Craiglist. My plan was to power wash it and then spray paint it the color I wanted-something I had seen on my beloved Pinterest.  This little house was FILTHY.
 Here's a picture of it from the back.  It had dirt and crud in every crevice.
 It cleaned up so well, and Rosebud LOVES pink and purple, so I didn't paint it.
 Everyone has been playing with it, but Sweet Pea loves to open the door and squeal, then close it and say "buh bye".

  We're getting ready to head to camp and this hair was getting OUT of control.  It snarls easily and although she loves to have it braided and curled, she doesn't want to sit to have it brushed.

 So I bit the bullet and took her in for a haircut.  A friend from church cut it which was nice.  She's the second oldest of 10 kids so she knew how to deal with a wiggly little one :o)

I like how it turned out, and it is VERY easy to wash and brush now!

Sometime this week it is my goal to post LMM's 5th birthday party pictures.  AKA I'll post them in August.


J Williams said...

Very Cute!!

J Williams said...

Wish I could pick strawberries and play in a pink house!!

Anonymous said...

Jen-Jen you are an amazing mom!!!!!
Debbie A.