Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Haircut

The long locks are gone.
I was tired of three things.
1) Comments on him needing a haircut or looking like a girl.
2) Having the people who did cut his hair make it look manicured, or doing the above "straight across" look to the front.
3) Keeping it clean. I literally have to hold him down in the tub (while keeping his earplugs in) to get it clean. And after I cleaned vomit out of it several times last week I had had it.
He has to wear a hat more now...because he doesn't have the natural wind protection!

And I miss it. I loved his hair. Every long strand of golden goodness.

Here it is! Actually I think the cut is fine, and he looks cute...but he's just not...himself. Well in looks anyway. You'll notice he had bit through his lower lip, which is pretty much par for the course.

These pictures are of his first field trip. His "class" went to the dairy. Out of seven children from two classes, he was one of two. The only one from his actual class. Talk about one-on-one with the teachers.

So this is fine for now...but we'll see how long I keep it short.

I have had every intention of editing these photos. I have had every intention of posting our trip to the local fire department for "Try A Truck" day. I have had every intention of posting Rosebud's six month pictures...the ones of her eating her first solids. How about the progress with the bathroom remodel? Nope. So far, no dice. Read the post before this sums it up pretty well.


CM said...

He looks adorable!

Try it out for a little while. Kids hair grows back so fast, you'll have another chance to decide what to do before you know it. But I think he looks just fine!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Monkey Man! He looks so grown up, I bet that's why you're having trouble getting used to it. I agree with CM, though, he's so cute!

All Things Family For Us said...

his haircut is precious and ouch on the lip!

CFMama said...

Love the cut, looks great. How did he handle it? Nathan loves his own hair long!

Jenilee said...

he looks really cute. love the haircut! :)

Kim M said...

I think his hair cut makes him look so much like his older brother! He's a bigger boy now!
A. Kim

Melissa said...

I was looking at the first pictures and trying to see what looked different. Then, as I saw the pictures that were actually of his haircut, I gasped out loud. He looks adorable! MUCH more grown up!! And like J!!!