Friday, October 29, 2010


We have finally begun to clean up the leaves in our yard. And stuff them in plastic bags as our trash pick-up requires. (Which is killing me. Can it get more eco-unfriendly???)

While it is hard work. And it isn't helping me sore-throat-situation...the leaves are beautiful.

But why? Why is Little Monkey Man dressed this way?


CM said...

Ha! So cute! Let me guess...Rosebud's leggings? Or his pants got dirty, laundry hadn't been done yet (very common in my house) and the legging were the only thing clean??? :-)

Hey, about the you have a compost site you can bring them to? That way, you just empty out the bags and then there's usually a bin for the bags. Just a thought.

Assistant Ring Master said...

potty training already? We have desperately been working with Abigail...but she just isn't on board with the program :)