Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camp CedarRidge Part 1

If you do not like to see pictures of our three children, if you do not like beautiful woods or outdoor adventures, you'll have to excuse us for a few days.  I have four posts about family camping at our beloved Camp CedarRidge, and then posts about fishing, my aunt's cabin, going to the beautiful beaches of lake Huron, and an especially fun post about bugs planned.  Smattered in there will be some other posts if I am able, but otherwise we'll see you later in August for beginning of school pictures.  
If you do like to see pictures of our three children, if you love beautiful wooded scenes and outdoor adventures, please, join us each day for what we've done so far this summer!
After spending the beginning part of the 4th of July weekend with #1's family, we traveled further north to my parent's church and then on to my Aunt's cabin.  It helped to break the trip into four pieces.  We arrived at camp before the other families, and spend the day in town.  This is a picture of LMM on the big deck at camp on the actual 4th.  He was excited to be at camp, and even more excited about fireworks on the beach and sparklers!

 I know this picture is a little...weird...but I was messing with my camera's settings and was pleasantly surprised with this one.  If you look very close you can see Little Monkey waving his sparkler.
 Donning on their boots, both boys were excited to go to "Wildcat Creek" and float the boats they had made out of paper.
 The family camp staff was phenomenal and they were so fun for the boys to be with.  Here is "Hammer" helping with boats that got stuck on their way downstream.  You can hardly tell, but they are standing in about four inches of cold spring water.
 Another day we drove to the canoe landing for swimming and canoeing.  Little Miss Rosebud did neither, but hung out with her Aunt Danielle on the beach to catch some rays and eat rocks.  Aunt Danielle didn't participate in the latter activity.

 #1 and I took a canoe out for a few minutes so the boys could have a turn out on the water.  I can't say canoeing is my "thing" but I do enjoy it on occasion.
 This is "Lyra" and she is "one of mine".  During the two weeks after family camp I did what I have been doing every summer for the past eight years-training teen girls to become camp counselors.  "Lyra" was one of my CILTs (Campers in Leadership Training) the summer I had LMM.  She plays quite a few instruments, and my boys especially loved her ukulele.  I plan to purchase one in the next year and help them learn to play.
 What would a week at camp be without S'Mores?  Snug was a sticky, happy mess.  I brought gluten free graham crackers so that LMM could also enjoy the treat.  In fact, I obtained a copy of the menu ahead of time and pretty much had a gluten free version of everything that camp served (and camp food is starch city, let me tell you) for him to enjoy.  The camp cooks were long time friends of mine and I enjoyed being in the kitchen with them.
Mama isn't super brave, and didn't feel like washing marshmallow out of every nook and cranny this girl she simply had a cracker.

Stay tuned for more family camp adventures.  If you'd like to skip the kids and simply see the beauty of the Huron Forest, you can see the scenery pictures I took here.   Thanks to a really great camera I got some beautiful scenery shots.


Anonymous said...

So I opened your post, and immediately Travis and I said "Whoa!" Your kiddos have ALL changed so much!!!!! Can't wait to see more pics of your kiddos! :) I love beautiful scenery, but I like looking at kiddo pics better! :) HA!

Anonymous said...

I agree, they have all grown SO MUCH!!! I love the new header!!

I also had a huge comment about some baby stuff, but I'll FB it to urgent of course, so whenever you have time! :)