Friday, July 6, 2012

4 Years, 7 Months, 4th of July

Happy Birthday to Little Monkey Man!  He turned four on June 27th, but his mommy is a busy woman!  He woke up to the traditional big birthday breakfast and presents.  He got a Slip N Slide and a tire swing!
 He wanted an Angry Birds birthday.  I collected some boxes, spray painted a couple of milk cartons, rigged up a "sling shot" and (bit the bullett) bought a stuffed Angry Bird.
 It was definitely  homemade, but the boys loved it.  I personally liked the pigs.
 One of our friends gave up on the not-so-great slingshot and just threw the bird at the pigs.  Best result.
 We had special hot dog sandwiches for lunch with ice cream on a stick instead of cake.  His choice.
 When daddy got home from work we made homemade pizzas and had Angry Bird cupcakes.  I found these Angry Bird rings at a cake shop near here for only twenty cents a piece!  Steal!
 We celebrated his birthday with Grandparents on Saturday.  I made a big cake then and put Snug's Angry Bird game on top.  It worked perfectly as a cake topper.
 I wanted to do a picnic, but it was over 100 degrees so we didn't.  We set it all up inside instead.
 The kids even ate at a picnic table!
 LMM got to go putt putting with Grandmommy and Pop Pop as his gift, and my mom also made him his quilt to match Snug's for their bunkbeds.
 #1's parents gave him this HUGE blow up ball that he can get inside of and roll in.  He loves it.
 Here he is on his tire swing that daddy built.  That has been hours of entertainment.
 I can't believe he is four years old!!!!
He had his yearly check up.  He is now 3' 5.5" and weighs 37 lbs 8 oz.  This is the first summer since he was one that he doesn't have to wear earplugs in the pool or tub.  He goes underwater if he has goggles on.  He climbs EVERYTHING.  He recognizes his name and four letters.  He can count past ten.  He hates naps, but on long summer evenings when the kids often end up in bed after nine, they are SO necessary.
7 Months
 Sweet Pea is now seven months old!  She has six teeth (the top four haven't been bad at all and I still believe in amber teething necklaces!)  and is getting more hair.  She sits independently and goes from a sit back to her tummy (doesn't get herself to a sit yet).  She can crawl, but it is still shaky.  She is trying to pull to a stand.
 She is trying really hard with me to keep my milk supply up.  Most of the time she is a pretty good sport about it.  Sometimes she bites, but not often.  Thanks to some very helpful Lactation Consultants and my midwives group, I got a prescription and my supply, until today, was back to GREAT!  Then she slept 8 hours in a row last night and that kinda ruined it.  Working hard again  :o)  As long as I take supplements, drink tea, take the prescription, drink tons of water, pump, avoid sage and peppermint and nurse every 2-3 hours...its all good.
 She's TOTALLY worth it.  She weighs 14 lbs 6.5 oz and is 25 1/2" long.  (She is 1.25 inches longer and 9.5 oz heavier than she was when she turned 6 mos.  Most of that growth has been in the last week!!!!)

4th of July
 We had a great 4th of July.  #1 is now a full fledged detective with his department, which means he gets holidays off!  WOW!!!  We are truly blessed with his new job.  It isn't technically a promotion, but it has enough perks that it feels like it.  He loves the new challenge, but with it also comes some new stress.

We puttered around the house doing odd jobs in the morning, went swimming in the early afternoon and we ALL took a late afternoon nap.  Later we went to a friend's house to socialize and watch the fireworks from their fabulous second floor balcony.  Their porch screamed PHOTO OP at me, so I went ahead and took a few...ok...more than a few.

The sign of a truly great summer for me is a lack of blog posts!  I guess this is a good one  :o)


Anonymous said...

I especially loved the 4th of July pictures on the porch! They are all so cute! Grandmommy

Jenilee said...

the pictures are all beautiful! congrats on his new job! I'm sure having him there for holidays is a huge perk :) AND that angry birds game... soo cool! great job!

The Alburger Family said...

Love', love ,love the pic of LMM ( the close up) on the porch!!! FRAME IT!