Sunday, June 24, 2012

Catch Up

 This is what I feel like.  I am exhausted because my milk supply is down, again (insert fake surprise here).  I'm nursing every 2 hours round the clock again.  I already drink 3-4 cups of Mother's Milk tea a day and take 6-9 Fenugreek.  I pump whenever I have 2 seconds.  If anyone has any other suggestions, I'm totally open to them.  Eating lots of oatmeal and shredded wheat are not options as I am currently gluten free.
 Baseball Season is over...
 Snug's season ended a little early as he had a bad stomach bug and missed his last game.
 Our (LMM, #1, and my) season ended well.  I took a picture of Rosebud on #1's back.  This is how we coached, we each had a girl in a backpack carrier.  We won't be doing that again.  It was fine, but one of those things you do once.
 Rosebud doesn't look like a baby anymore at all.  She is full fledged little girl.  Still waiting for results on lots of tests she's had.  Her tummy troubles come and go, but we'd like to say goodbye to them forever.
 This summer we are having to say good by to several dear friends.  Sometimes I just don't think about it.
We have also gotten to catch up with some friends who we haven't seen in a long time.

I have lots of other pictures I want to post, but am unable to get them OFF the camera and ON the computer.  It is always something!

Hope your summer is as nice as ours!


Anonymous said...

As always, great photos! Love you all A Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jenney! I read on that vegetables like fennel, beets, carrots, yams, collard greens and kale can all help increase milk supply. Sorry to hear that you're having problems with this, I hope things improve so you can get some rest. I've been working on cutting eggs, dairy and gluten out of my diet because I have sensitivities to all of them. It's definitely not easy. Take care. Love your pictures. - Jaime Pisczek

Jenilee said...

I don't have any nursing advice for you... I wish I did! I'm sure you know more than I do... keep at it. remember anything she gets is GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, Snug looks so much like his daddy in the close up on the field. It was really fun to watch LMM play his last game, hats off to both of you for coaching those little ones. Loved our visit with all of you. Will be praying for your nursing issues.
Aunt Kim

momto8blog said...

your house seems like the place to be! fun all around! and your pictures are fabulous!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
My milk supply lessened with my last baby..I think i was exhausted...i tried all the same remedies you mentioned..La Leeche league has the best advice.