Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Summer Vacation-Rosebud View

 Hey everyone! Last week my family went CAMPING!!!!  What a lot of fun I had!
 The best part about camping is eating.
 On the first night my daddy helped my roast a hot dog.
 He also made me a s'more.  Mommy would NEVER  make me a big one.  In fact, all she's ever done is handed me a graham cracker.  Go camping with daddy-he's the best!  Pretty much all I did all trip was eat.
  And eat.
 And eat.  Oh, and cry.  When things didn't go my way.  Like having to eat carrots.  That is NEVER my way. But all that eating paid off.  When I went to the GI doctor today I weighed in at 22lbs even.  I think that is my highest weight yet!!!
 We also went swimming and out on a friend's boat.
 I really liked the boat.  And I liked getting to hang out with daddy. Cause he's cool.  And he feeds me stuff.
Sunday morning mommy gave me a bath in a bucket before church.  After church we came back, packed up, and went home.  I had a great time!


CFMama said...

Looks like she loved that s'more. We are going camping for 5 days in July. Any tips?

Anonymous said...

So cute...I especially like taking a bath in a bucket! Love A Cheryl

Jenilee said...

this picture of her with the smore is SOO cute. lol love the summer pics!