Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How To Get 4 Kids In One Picture

I have been asked many many times "how do you get all of your kids to look at the camera?  How do you get them to smile?"  It is all luck my friends.  But here are a few things I've learned.  

1.  Only attempt to take a picture of multiple kids if you're relaxed, they're fed, and it isn't anyone's naptime.

2.  It won't always work.  For every great picture of my kids together, I have 20 that look horrible.  Be willing to try another time.  

3.  Let them be as natural as possible.  Don't force them to pose too much because someone isn't going to be comfortable and it will show.  Do get them close together, but don't put so much effort into making it "perfect" that they get bored.  Then you won't get any picture at all.  

 See this picture?  Not what I was going for.  But I have to say the look on Sung's face is priceless.  And it sums up the situation.  Rosebud and LMM were being very silly and Sweet Pea was being her usual ray of sunshine self.
 4.  Be willing to act like an idiot.  To get everyone to look at me I jump around, drop things off my head, and make really dumb noises.  But they look.  Most of the time.  Here Rosebud is not quite into it, but still thinks I'm funny (or dumb...I don't ask if they're laughing at or with me...I don't care, I just want the picture).  Sweet Pea looks like she'd rather bite my head off than smile.  I had to keep working on her.

5.  Take TONS of pictures. Just shoot and shoot and shoot. I saved these three to use in this post (and this last one to use in general because it was exactly what I wanted) but I took close to 25.  Digital photography is wonderful...I get to ditch what I don't want.
6.  Quit while you're ahead.  If you think you've got what you need, don't keep taking more.  I saw I had this one and I had like 2 others that were o.k. so I stopped.

7.  Praise them for a job well done.  If it ends on a happy note they're more willing to work for you the next time.

What do you do?  I'd love to hear your thoughts as I am always learning!

*I was taking pictures today for my MIL.  She gave the kids these clothes for Easter.  Yup, it took me that long to get a good picture.  Either the kids weren't into it or someone's outfit wasn't washed.  For awhile we couldn't find Snug's shirt (he had tossed it into a tub that held winter clothes).  Today was the day.  I was really happy with the result.


CM said...

Oh my goodness, that final pic is adorable! LOVE it as your header too! Good job, great capture! The outfits are perfect, so bright and cheery!

The one pic where sweet pea looks so serious is the funniest!

Anonymous said...

You should become a photographer in your spare time ....love your photos and stories ....A Cheryl