Thursday, June 7, 2012

6 Months Old

Thanks to my friend Bethany's husband, I now have a computer (for awhile).  Our hard drive is dying so we are saving for a new one.  No one knows how much longer this one will last.  I was SO afraid I'd lost all of Sweet Pea's baby pictures.  Thanks to him, I didn't.  
 Hard to believe she's six months old.  She now rolls places FAST, pulls herself along by her arms (in a pre-crawl), and can sit up for a little while with the assistance of a Boppy.  She has always been really really good about tummy time.  She babbles all the time and screeches.  When she's happy she'll smile, but usually she's serious.  When she's mad, she's ANGRY.  She does not like to wear a cute hat or a bow or a headband.  I try and try, but she pulls them out.

She is a mama's girl, big time.  I can't even walk through the room without her crying because she saw me.  I still don't have trouble dropping her off in the church nursery, but I always leave quickly.  She's very cuddly, but also squirmy.  That sounds contradictory, but it is what it is.  She moves all the time, but it doesn't mean she doesn't want to be held.

She starts off in her crib, but is in bed with me by 11pm most nights.   I don't mind, and my milk supply is all the better for it.  We're not starting solids with her anytime soon.  I want her to keep on her curve and am not doing ANYTHING to mess with the system we have now.  I attribute her growth to me taking 6-8 Fenugreek a day, drinking 3-4 cups of Mother's Milk Tea, nursing round the clock, and most of all prayer.  I have several people praying specifically that my supply will remain steady.
This picture came out weird because my camera flash needs a new battery and is acting funky, but I thought it was kinda cool how her eyes look.  She's chewing everything she can get her hands on as she has two top teeth that just won't pop through.  I don't think they could be any closer...and yet there they sit right under the surface.  At 6 months old Sweet Pea is 24 1/4" and weighs 13# 13 oz.  She is still perfectly balanced on her curve that she's been on since birth.  You grow girl!

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