Thursday, June 7, 2012

Playing Catchup

So.  Between the Flats Challenge and my computer being dead (hard drive is ready for me to be out of blogging for quite awhile at no notice) I have been a bit behind on our summer events!
 First up was strawberry picking.  We found this great place not too far away thanks to Jenilee.  Although these aren't organic, the farm uses minimal chemicals in their crops, much less than what is in strawberries you buy in the produce section at the grocery.
 I swear my kids each ate a quart of berries.
 I snapped this cute picture and then got that berry out of Sweet Pea's mouth.  It was her "first solid", although she didn't ingest any of it.  Strawberries are a high probably not a good thing.
 The boys literally walked out of that place with handfuls of "free" berries.
 Little Monkey Man finished preschool.  This is his FIRST day of school...
 ...and this is a picture of his last.  He had a great year and we continue to see improvements in his speech, adaptation to new situations, ability to transition, and with his sensory issues in general.
 Ah.  Potty training.  Sassy McLassy has been doing great, terrible, and everything in between.
 She has days and days where she is fine.  And then she decides she isn't going to use the potty.  So we convince her otherwise.  Cause we're not going back to diapers.  Much.  There are times where her bowel is so messed up she can't help but have accidents.  We do have a date to take her to a GI specialist this month.
 We got to see some friends who we haven't seen since she and he were only a few weeks old.  He wanted to be friends.
 She wanted to tattle.  Tattle. Tattle.
 We all "ran" a 5K.  It was for the FOP that #1 belongs to.  #1 and Snug ran it.
 Mommy had Sweet Pea in the sling.
 And two in the double stroller.  I didn't run.  But I got MUCH exercise.  I also don't recommend babywearing and speedwalking with a double stroller.
 Here he is after the race, very proud of himself.  After all, he beat five people.  Mommy, Sweet Pea, LMM, Rosebud, and some lady he didn't know.  What a race buddy.
 Rosebud loved the race.  She got to eat.
 And eat.
 And eat some more. And what goes in must come out.  So that is loads of fun when she can't control it.  We kinda let her pig out because at nearly 26 months old she is barely hitting 22 lbs (on a good day-often closer to barely 21).

Here was Snug on his first day.
And here he is on his last day on Tuesday.  He loved his teacher.  I think he thought she walked on water.  She was cute as a button, so can you blame him?  He had a great report card.  The only things he didn't get perfect were that he makes the number "3" backwards and a couple of letters incorrectly.  However, he writes sentences on his own, reads on a beginning 2nd grade level (with fluency), and has great comprehension.

Watch out summer, here we come!!!!!!!!!!


CM said...

What great pics and fun recap! I think Monkey Man changed more drastically than Snug.

Hey, you are quite the trooper...babywearing and pushing a double stroller!

Jenilee said...

I'm so glad you got to go! great pictures and a good update post :) sorry about your computer. Mine is dying too... so sad.

We should meet up sometime soon! I sent you a message on facebook about a play day on Monday at the greene but I have sick kids so we won't be there. :( another time soon!