Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Snug is 6...Sweet Pea is 8 months!

Wow.  Six years goes by fast.  Snug had his sixth birthday and we celebrated over the weekend.  He had a LEGO theme.  
 Thank you Pinterest for easy decorating ideas!
 His cake was the easiest one I've made in years.  I wanted to make it look like a Lego brick.  The dots are 1/2 of the GIANT marshmallows they sell (I think they are called 'roasters').
 I took cardstock and made circles on them to look like LEGO bricks down the center of the table...can't really tell in my picture though.
 I do believe she is yelling "CAKE"!
 He was thrilled.  The yellow "Legos" are gluten free cupcakes that have 1/2 a regular marshmallow on them.  The only thing I hated was how much food coloring I used.  I'm not into artificial colors, but this was the look I wanted.  I guess they really don't get them often.
 Opening presents.
 This was Snug's gift from #1's parents.  I had to include this picture of LMM as he went whizzing by.
 Snug caught on right away.  I was both surprised and pleased.
 He looked so old.  You know, minus the Diego knee and elbow pads  :o)
 Just being silly.
 We gave Snug a bike.  He can't ride it, and might not be able to until next is even a little too big along with not having training wheels.  That's ok, he can grow into it.  He is growing so fast we were afraid that he'd outgrow an 18" before he learned to ride it.
 This past weekend Sweet Pea turned eight months old.  She got her first solids unexpectedly at a wedding when we were trying to keep her quiet during the toasts.  I gave her tiny pieces of melon (not our traditional first food for sure) and it indeed kept her quiet.  She was so excited I decided the time has probably come.
 Being in the high chair is not her favorite thing for sure.
 And she wasn't so sure about having a spoon shoved in her mouth.
 She wasn't sure at first about the advacado (our first choice in introductory food).
 The next bite was eagerly accepted.
 After that she fought daddy for not only the next bite but also for control of the spoon.
 She won.  We gave her the spoon and let her go at it.  She only got maybe 1.5 tablespoons.  We'll keep her intake very low so that her milk intake doesn't decrease.
Yup, this eating thing agrees with her. I've made lots of baby food and it is in cubes awaiting her in the freezer.  As organic produce comes on sale at the grocery (or ripe in our garden!) I puree it, freeze it in ice cube trays, and then freeze it.

At six years old Snug is 48" tall and weighs 50 lbs.
At eight months Sweet Pea is 26.5" and weighs 14 lbs 10 oz


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. I really enjoy keeping up with my beautiful nieces and nephews! Love to all A Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures of all of them :) Grandmommy