Friday, September 28, 2012


As  kid I hated "floaties" in my bathwater.  I remember distinctly balking at entering the water in the bath (or if there was a bug in the pool) if I could even see a speck.  I'm sure my mom remembers this too!  I'm about 99% sure LMM gets his sensory issues from his mother.

I have floaties on my brain.  We love Shauni Feldhahn's books "For Women Only" and "For Men  Only".  In "For Men Only" (which I read, and will explain in a minute) it described women's minds like a computer screen with many windows open at once.  That explains my mind most of the time.  We have a hard time thinking about one thing and sometimes feel like we are juggling too many things at once.  I'm sure not every woman feels that way, but I certainly do.  So right now I have floaties.  SOOO many things at once I can hardly function or settle on one item.  Hold on, I just remembered I'm supposed to take a jello to a baby shower tomorrow and haven't made it yet....

...heavens.  I am so scattered.  Ok, so a few years back my husband and I got the Shauni Feldhahn's books.  We liked them so much we give them out as engagement/wedding gifts.  But we read them with a twist.  I read the men's one and he read the women's one making notes for each other as we read like "this is totally me" or "I've never really felt that way about...".

My big project this fall is making a family closet.  I'd heard about them and mentioned it to #1 (who instantly thought it was a great idea, just took me awhile to get on board) a little over a year ago.  I guess I am a traditionalist who likes everyone to have their own drawers and closet space.  However, now that (according to many, but not me) we are a large family things are getting a little...disorganized.  Often when the boys are getting their clothes out of drawers they toss everything in their way on the floor.  Later I don't remember what is clean and what is dirty and washing clean clothes is not  a good use of our resources.  I am tired of lugging laundry baskets up and down the stairs multiple times a day.  There are perfectly good clothes not getting warn because I never see them in the back of drawers, or because we simply have too many clothes.  In my opinion we have too much of everything material, but I am not great at getting rid of things.  I am learning to think of giving things we are not using as blessing others, not "losing" something.

I'll post pictures as we go.  Right now it looks like a tornado has hit our basement.  But that is not the only reason we have chaos down there.  Our basement floods every time it rains.  We used our tax return money plus some money we saved up to put an egress window in.  Our plan is to use tax return monies each year to finish off our basement.  We had planned on at least moving ourselves downstairs this year (even if it wasn't a "room" per se) and turning the girls' current room into a den off of our dining room.  They'd get our room.

The men installing our egress window in July
However, the egress now floods each time it rains which has ruined much of the carpeting in the playroom and everything in that area has been moved to higher ground.  The company had guaranteed that it wouldn't leak.  I have spent hours on the phone with them and was told for $1,500 they could put in a solution to our problem.  I politely informed them that before they came with their product I didn't have a problem.  After finally speaking with the owner I think they are going to put in some sort of a pump to pump water out of the well and it will be at their expense.  Time will tell.

 The kids enjoying a rainy Saturday

The view from inside the basement when it rains...water POURS in the window

The view from outside after it has rained.  

Other things floating in my brain are small like things I need to make for baby showers, planning meals, and juggling our schedule.  One of the reasons I think I cannot homeschool Snug is that I barely get everything done as it is.  I can only imagine what life would be like if I added that.  

I have a ton of apples sitting on my counter top waiting to be made into applesauce.  That is a project I'd like to have the entire family participate in, so it will wait for the weekend.  Homemade applesauce is a dessert/side dish we all enjoy throughout the winter.  

I'm also planning on doing some fall family pictures.  Not of us (although I'd like to fit that in too) but of some other families.  I am excited to try my hand at it.  I'm not a professional and I let them know that up front!  Waiting for some nice weather days and the colors to come in just a bit more. 

Speaking of pictures, I still haven't done ANYTHING with the ones of my cousin's wedding in August.  On my "to do" list today is to at least get them up on Facebook.  I am soooo bad!!!!

So while my basement is floating in rainwater and my brain is floating full of projects and things I need to get done, I better get off my blog and get working!


Deb said...

Ahh! That window! That totally stinks.
I find it a bit funny that you want to make making applesauce a family project. The kids had off school on Wednesday, so I took them to pick apples and now there are 47 pounds of apples on my kitchen floor (in bags) waiting until I have adult help- but when the kids are definitely at school so there are less little feet in my kitchen while we do it. But I also want to can it this year- which I've never done before, so that will be more hot stuff to worry about, too.
I can totally relate with floaties of the brain these days. SO MANY projects to get done... I want them all to be done, but I dont want to start any... or finish the ones I've already started. ugh. Such is life, I suppose!

Anonymous said...

Oh the family closet...I think I like it! I'm excited to see how you implement it and how it all works! It truly intrigues me!!!!

A Cheryl said...

As always, I enoyed your blog. Never heard of a family closet-will investigate!

Anonymous said...

Are you planning a family closet like MckMama had with her family? I think that would be very cool.

Love ya,
A Kim

Jenilee said...

you have so much going on! love the pics of the kids with their umbrellas. too cute! can't wait to hear more about your projects!