Monday, September 3, 2012

Life As I Know It

Life is so busy.  The thought of blogging actually makes me feel guilty because it has been so long. I've always blogged because I love it, it was fun, a creative outlet.  This summer it seems like I blog out of obligation.  I hate that.

#1 is out running with Snug.  They're training for a 5K in October.  Well Snug is, #1 is going to run something much longer in the upcoming months, just can't remember how long.  He got new running shoes and everything.  I kinda hope this is a sport of choice for him as a new pair of shoes is much more do-able than all the gear that goes with most sports.

Snug started first grade a couple of weeks ago.  He likes it ok, but hates getting up early.  He isn't a morning person, and I'm not either.  Makes for an interesting start of the day.  I'm trying to like his teacher.  I think being a teacher and then sending your kid to school for someone else to teach is really hard.  I think sending your kid to school is hard period.

Monkey Man starts pre-K tomorrow.  He is excited and so far I LOVE his teachers.  A mom who raised 4 boys and a former school psychologist who worked with kids who had all kinds of challenges.  I feel he is in good hands.  I just packed 25 days worth of snacks for him in a plastic container that they keep at his school.  Any kids with food allergies have to bring their own food.  I'm not holding my breath, but he was given goldfish crackers unbeknownst to us two times this summer and had ZERO reaction.  There is a chance he could grow out of his gluten would be so great if he did.

Rosebud is two going on twelve.  Wow, she is giving us a hard time.  But when she's behaving, she has this smile that totally gets us and is a ton of fun.  I feel like she is wearing me down one moment at a time though. I got her three free princess (ok, one is Tinkerbell, and she's not a princess) dress up dresses this week.  I love free stuff.  The former owner warned me they were not in great shape...but I washed them on delicate and they look great.

Can't even think of her blog name it has been so long...ah.  Sweet Pea.  She's more and more mobile by the day.  She's starting to walk around furniture and I've caught her standing without holding on a couple of times.  I tried eating wheat again and she blistered out big time so that is a no-go.  She's still nursing well and although she's not huge by any imagination, she's growing and doing well.  I have 593 oz of frozen milk in our freezer.  My goal is 600 oz.  It sounds like a lot, but it is really only one month worth.  She's never had a bottle yet and I don't plan on ever giving her one.  My hope is she'll get the frozen milk via sippy cup at some later date.

Draycare started back up last week.  I'm so thankful for a new little guy here.  He's only part time and I'm ok with that.  I like to spend as much time as possible with my kids, my housework, and my husband.  When I'm running the daycare I don't feel I do well at any of the aforementioned three.

While nursing I've been playing Words with Friends and Hanging With Friends.  What could be more addictive?  Oh well, at least I'm looking forward to the time instead of wishing she'd hurry up  :)

So many pictures to post, but I'll put up a picture from my cousin's wedding and my kids with their only first cousin (nearly three weeks ago).  I just uploaded them today, so I haven't been able to choose the ones I really want to post...first day of school pictures coming soon!


Shanti said...

Ah, yes. The joys of Facebooking when one is nursing. I'll be starting that up again soon! Somehow I forgot you had a blog. I haven't blogged forever either. It used to be mainly to keep my family and friends up to date, but then FB came along and my blogging went downhill.;-)

Anonymous said...

You don't have to blog often... just because I check every day! I know you're TERRIBLY busy and no one expects that you'll have much time to do it but I sure do love seeing the pictures and reading your comments !!! (Mom)

Anonymous said...

I've been awaiting your photos of the wedding. The girls in their dresses were soooo cute but the boys looked just as good in their outfits, too. Loved seeing so much of them this summer! Love, Aunt Cheryl

Jenilee said...

Life has been really busy lately! And Jeremy is running too and needs new running shoes about every few months. And that my friend is a lot of breast milk! lol Good for you!!