Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Haircut

Not who you were expecting?  Well, Sweet Pea hardly has enough hair to talk about, so we won't be cutting it anytime soon!  Rosebud had never had a haircut before Saturday morning.  We've cut out a couple of tangles that just couldn't be undone, but never trimmed or styled her hair.
 I was going to take her to the salon where the boys had their first haircut, but when they had their trim the other day, she stripped off her shirt and declared herself the next in line.
 We discovered what she was really after wasn't a haircut after all, but the sucker that goes along with it to help keep little people sitting still.
This is the closest I've seen it down and cut as I french braided it right after and had it that way today also.  Next time I wash it I'll let it dry straight and hopefully her stylist got it right!

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Becky Marie said...

She is so cute! The lollipop is a great idea to keep them still. Bebop used to scream and we'd have to pin him down to shave his head. We even tried to bribe him with a cookie and it didn't work!