Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 As usual it's been quite awhile since I blogged...or read anyone elses'.  It's business (or should I say busy-ness) as usual around here!  Snug lost his first tooth in early January.  He is P R O U D of it.  Daddy took it out, it makes mommy squeemish.  Know what else makes me cringe?  Rosebud losing her ENTIRE pinky fingernail.  She shut her hand in a door here at the house and after nearly a month it fell completely off in my hand.  Ugh.
 Basketball season is upon us.  Both boys are playing Upward Basketball this year.  LMM is on a team for 3-4 year olds.  His games are...interesting.  Funny.  Aggravating.  He has a WONDERFUL coach who literally leads him around at times when he needs extra supervision.  Each child wears a colored arm band so they know who from the other team to guard.
 LMM is our defensive player.  He is great at rebounding.  He's also not bad at dribbling and shooting.  He's very happy to be playing and not simply watching this season.
 One of the little girls on his team is the coach's daughter.  They forget they are on the same team most of the time and literally fight over the ball.  There's quite a bit of hip checking going on too.  The coach is very patient.  Along with basketball skills the kids are learning to share, be kind, and be cooperative.  I love that Upward has memory verses and devotions to go along with the practices/games.
 Snug is our offensive player.  He has had a complete turn around from last season.  Last year he was quite confused as to what was going on in the games, but this year he is paying attention and has a great shot.
 He also has a really great coach who patiently teaches the basics and is willing to give step by step directions over and over again from the sidelines.
 We ordered team pictures, but only got one for the boys.  I took my own to give away.

Basketball season is half over already, where does the time go?


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like they are having loads of fun! Love the color of those uniforms!
Aunt Kim

Aunt Cheryl said...

Love the blog as always. Sounds like they're learning some valuable lessons and having fun at the same time. Love y'all