Monday, February 4, 2013

14 Month Update

 Well our baby is 14 months old.  So hard to believe!  She is a ball of energy, but still a very cuddly mama's girl.  She's getting better about going to other people-doesn't totally lose it.  She walks about as much as she crawls these days.  Although she started walking at 11.5 months, it has been slow going.  The other three never took steps till the week they turned 15 months old.  Then they were WALKING.  She loves loves loves stairs.  She can go up, but not down.  And she knows she's not supposed to go up.  She alos LOVES cat food.  I have to be very diligent about putting up baby gates or else she is getting into trouble.  And she has a sin nature.  For sure.
We are also very grateful that she is 14 months old.  She loves to sit and watch as I do things in the kitchen.  I let her grab some baby tomatoes.  They were really little ones, maybe a little bigger than a standard marble.  We always cut her grapes in half, but these were already pretty small so I didn't-she chews everything as she has 12 teeth.  My mistake.  She choked on one and couldn't breathe.  I immediately flipped her over my arm and did infant back blows that I learned in CPR/First Aid training.  After a few back blows it flew out and she is fine.  Very scary.

 Sweet baby girl 16 pounds, 12 ounces.  (one ounce short of a pound since her birthday!) and 28 inches long (nearly 2 inches longer than her birthday!).  She has one inch to go and she can get out of her bucket/pumpkin baby seat!
She stopped nursing sometime this past month.  It was so sporadic by the time she hit 13 months I'm not exactly sure when she stopped officially.  Probably about 13.5 months.  I was so blessed to be able to go that long.  She also has started eating wheat...although her diapers are AWFUL, it isn't causing any rash, she doesn't seem unhappy (or any unhappier than she normally is, she still is very serious and upsets easily) and had a HUGE growth spurt when she started eating crackers/regular cereals/pasta so we're going to keep her on wheat and just monitor her.  Praise the Lord we're all eating on the same diet these days!!!

Here she's showing off a few of her 12 teeth.  Happy 14 months SweetPea! We love you so much and you are a blessing.


Aunt Cheryl said...

I love keeping up with my beautiful nieces & nephews thru your blog & wonderful photos. Love,

Anonymous said...

What a scary episode you had! Those back-blows are scary even practicing on dummy dolls! Way to go Super Momma! :) What bright eyes she has!!! Adorable!

CM said...

Oh she's adorable! Wow, I can't believe she's 14 mos! Sounds like she's doing great.

So.....are you guys "done"??? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures :) Love the smiles! Miss you all so much. Thanks for taking the time to put up the pictures. Love, Mom