Friday, February 22, 2013

Skating In The Yard

 Today was a fun day.  Snug had a calamity day due to a load of icy rain dumped during the night.  It's mostly gone now, but it was just enough to keep the kids home.
 After helping me make muffins for breakfast the kids donned their boots and coats and headed out to "skate in the yard".  It was really slippery.
 They had a great time sliding around on the deck together.
 Rosebud fell when she first got out there and cried and cried.  Snug helped her up and then held her hands helping her around the deck.
 Little Monkey Man did spins and daredevil tricks.  I made him stop jumping from one level of the deck to the next.  It made me nervous that he'd fall and split his head open.
 First thing this morning we made lists of things we wanted to do, and things we needed to do.  We ended up getting lots done.  Blogging was on my "want" list.  Legos, PBS kids, and baths were on the kids "want" list.  BUT, we also did real work. Dishes, clean sheets, loads of laundry, school work and clean bedrooms.

Because I told them they didn't have to get dressed till later they were all outside in their pajamas.  I knew they were going to get washed anyway, and we did things today we don't normally get to wear pajamas outside!  After lunch they all took LONG baths and then we got dressed.

Now everyone is having nap and or quiet time and I need to get back to doing the "need" list.  Next up:   paperwork I can't ignore any longer!


J Williams said...

Looks like GREAT fun!!

J Williams said...
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Aunt Cheryl said...

Lots of fun. And love the new photos! Love