Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Slippers

Big J grew out of his fire engine slippers this week. For those of you who saw him with them, you know he loved them. I went to the "store" and found a new pair. By store I mean the box of shoes to grow into in the top of Big J's closet. Thanks to the O's and the W's hand-me-downs and Grandmommy's new ones she has sent, he has a little "store" I can shop at as his feet grow. Today I looked into the box and saw that he had slippers that are a little big, but will work. They have footballs on the toes that light up when he walks. Let me tell you, there has been lots of running and jumping and tapping of toes this morning! He didn't even want to get in his chair for breakfast (a huge shock) because he couldn't see his toes. We'll have to see if he takes them off to play outside or go to the Cedarville baseball game tonight...hey at least he is dressed today, right?

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Megan said...

Slippers are pretty important. I am pretty sure Erik wore his slippers more than regular shoes around our college campus a few years ago. Now Matthew loves slippers too, even when it is 90 degrees! His feet must be covered at all times. I'm so glad you have your "store" handy for important times like these!