Monday, April 14, 2008

This is a "Ba"


If you knew what time it was when this picture was taken you'd want to know why Big J is still in his jammies. Well, about once a week Big J has a jammies day because mommy is too tired/lazy/busy to get him dressed. Getting Big J dressed is no easy task these days. He is very distracted and has no time for all that fuss. Half the time you get all the clothes off of him and he's gone before you have time to put even a sock back on. Last week he greeted R. and her mom at the door absolutly naked. That is a great way to show a parent you have good control over your daycare, let me tell you.
Today Big J woke up after some of the kids were here, and I was busy making pancakes already. Halfway through breakfast the O.s dropped off their youngest three. One to stay for the morning, and two to wait until it was time to walk to school. Naturally I didn't have time with six kids plus Big J in the house to get him ready for the day. As soon as all the big kids were out the door for school I had a doctor's appointment, and # 1 had the kids. #1 often has a hard time keeping up with just Big J, so this task isn't easy, and Big J stayed in his jammies. As soon as I got back from the doctor it was time to make lunch. I figured he had might as well not get his clothes for the day dirty at lunch, and I resolved to put him into proper clothes right after lunch...or after nap...or certainly before the three Cedarville students who are coming for dinner arrive. We'll have to see.
By the way, the doctor gave me a great report! Baby J is growing perfect and I have been cleared to pick up Big J when necessary again. As soon as I got home I picked him up and gave him a big hug, something he's been begging for for the last month while I wasn't allowed to pick him up. Of course he was so excited to have the old mommy, no. He demanded to get down RIGHT NOW...really did my heart good, let me tell you.

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