Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are We There Yet?

So...after 3 weeks of bedrest, I'm allowed to be up and around. I have to admit although that sounds like fun, I don't feel the greatest and still am not doing much. Poor #1 has to put lotion on my feet, I can't reach them whatsoever. I am so glad for flip flops because I think shoes would be impossible at this point. Big J does not understand what is wrong with mommy and has tried to induce labor several times by jumping on me. Monday the doctor said anytime now we'd have a baby, but promised me he'd induce if there was no baby by 39 weeks (July 11). I'm definatly holding him to that.
Big J is so funny. He says and signs over 60 words. His favorite by far is "NOOOOO". Sometimes it doesn't even mean no, it's just fun to say I guess. He has been loving being outside and we've had great weather. He plays in the sandbox, slides down the big boy slide, does sidewalk chalk and bubbles, and picks up (inspects, puts down, picks back up, talks to) every rock and stick he can get his hands on. Sometimes I go out to the deck to watch him. I usually get gifts of clover, rocks, and sticks to hold.
I don't have anything really exciting to tell. Just hanging out here in Xenia waiting for a baby.

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