Monday, June 2, 2008


Big J doesn't like to wear the sunglasses we bought him last fall. Instead, he loves to wear daddy's. He ran up to me and said "cheese" and I was glad I had the camera handy.
Big J is saying more and more sentences. He throws words together in funny orders sometimes (a bit like Yoda) but he is definitely talking up a storm!
Today is the last day of Draycare until August. We had to go to the doctor (more about that later) so we took them to The Greene which is about 1/2 mile from the office. At The Greene they have a large fountain for kids to play in. The only thing I can compare it to is one I saw at Downtown Disney. It is flat to the ground and has about 25 spout things. The fountain spurts and sprays water out of the ground in some kind of synchronization pattern.
After we were all sufficiently soaked, we went to a nearby park to eat lunch and play for awhile. Nice long naps for all!
Ok, back to the doctor. Baby J is doing well, but the doctor has restricted me again. I'm back on light to no lifting, large periods of rest, and no travel out of town. I'm right around the time we had Big J, so he is being really careful. We will have a garage sale this weekend, but he says that is it. So...lots of fun. We are putting up the crib tonight and I have newborn clothes washed and hung up. If we get all ready, nothing will happen!

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Erin Morgan said...

Good Plan Jenney! That always happens to me. If I get super planned out, nothing happens! Keep us posted on little Jack!