Saturday, September 13, 2008

Athlete In Training

This sweet little baby looks very small and vunerable and helpless...right?
Ah, but look what that baby won today...a crawling contest-at 11 weeks! What? Are you sure?
Quit laughing! You want to fight? That's my trophy! Hey! No laughing! It is MY trophy.

Yep, here is Baby J with his first trophy ever. He won the crawling contest at Xenia Old Fashioned Days. He was in front of probably 100 people. Maybe I should explain...
Our town has a festival every year (for those of you who have never been to Ohio, every town has a can go to a festival every weekend in the summer and fall if you really wanted to). Our tradition is to watch the parade with our next door neighbors, meet #1 after he is done directing parade traffic, and then walk the festival grounds. This year we stopped to watch a hula hoop contest. There were about 50 kids doing hula hoops, and as they dropped the hoop they were escorted out of the arena and in the end 2 kids finally tied after they had hooped (is that the correct word?) for 30 minutes straight. Well, next they announced the baby crawling one came forward...they introduced a little girl there that won a couple of years ago...nobody came up...finally the announcer (a local news reporter) asked if there were any babies at the festival at all! I took Baby J up because I kinda felt bad for the poor contest people who were running a contest with no babies. Another lady brought her 4 month old in too. Neither boy could crawl (obviously) so they decided whoever could smile first would win. Baby J isn't a big smiler, but the other kid cried so Baby J won! We now have a super classy trophy that claims Baby J won the Baby Crawling contest proud. He is certainly an athlete in training. Oh yeah, the paper took his picture. If it makes it in I'll take a picture of it and post it.

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