Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grocery Shopping

I really don't know how I feel about grocery shopping. I usually think about having to go and get uggy about it. Maybe it is because I am usually totting along 2-5 children. That would do it for anyone. However there are things about it I like I decided today. I don't like planning a menu, but I've started doing a monthly plan and that saves the unpleasantness for just one time a month, and not 4! I do like deciding exactly what I need and putting it into a list. I like finding exactly what I need and making sure I have enough money (I have a list on my computer of exactly what each food costs). I like coming home and putting food in the fridge (I plan it so precisely that by Wednesday there are only condiments and maybe some leftovers left in the fridge). Anyway, #1 and I took 4 kids grocery shopping today, survived, and had $1 left over! Hmm, other things I enjoy about grocery shopping...I love that we now have these reusable bags and I don't have to buy them anymore (Aldi you buy your own bags)...I like that I know all the cashiers and have an ongoing aquatince with them. Jo is a mom of one of my former students and Brandon is going to school to be an accountant. There's another chick and I never can remember her name, but she has a kid a few months older than Big J and she always comes over to say "hi". Anyway, enough about my grocery store, I'm just glad it is done for another week and when I open the fridge there is more than ketchup and baking soda looking back at me :o)


Erin Morgan said...

Recently I've gotten into a funk about not going. I just don't like going much. But this week I have to do 2 trips... One to the grocery store and another to Sams... Oh, not so fun!

MelArcile said...

I'm the exact opposite. On the days that Jayce is restless, we go to Meijer and look at the fishies. Great fun!!