Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Young's Jersey

This past weekend Mom and Dad stopped in (you know, just rode 5 hours to drop by) to see us. On their way home we drove seperatly to Young's Jersey Dairy. This is a favorite destination of ours, but we havn't been there since last fall :o( Thanks mom and dad for yummy ice cream :o)
How did Grandmommy get out of this picture???
Ice cream is much better when it is blue! This particular flavor is called "cotton candy".
This may soon be my favorite picture of Big J. I have monthly favorites, and this certainly catches the best side of Big J. Of course he is usually happy when he is eating, but I love when his eyes light up.
Yep, Baby J was there too. Guess what he was doing...sleeping. I know you're shocked. He actually is more and more alert everyday. Last week it seemed like he never slept and wanted to eat every 2 hours. The last couple of days he is awake for an hour, sleeps four hours, and then is awake again. I don't care how much he sleeps and when as long as he keeps up his sleeping through the night. He's been doing that since he was 2 months old...8 solid beautiful hours in a row. Can't complain :o)


Megan said...

Cute ice cream pics! As far as your sleeping baby goes, I am putting in an order for a good sleeping baby like Jack!

Jenney said...

Yeah, I got two good sleepers...either I am extreemly lucky or they got really lazy genes from Matt and me.