Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Dentist Appointment

Yesterday was Snug's first trip to the dentist. He went last week with me to observe, and was pretty excited for it to be his turn. Last week he got his fingernail "polished" with the dentist toothbrush and had a "ride" in the chair. He also got to see the "tooth dirt" they got out of mommy's teeth. Not too much, I assure you.

He hopped right up into the chair for his turn. Although he thought it was funny to get his tongue in the way a bit, he did really well for the hygienist. She was really impressed with how still he sat and how cooperative he was. They don't normally take kids until after their 3rd birthday, but took him a couple of week's early to ensure we still had dental insurance (still not sure what is going on with #1's job). Not that a couple of week's would make that much difference in how well he did, just it was nice they took him early.

He was delighted with a new Tigger toothbrush and berry flavored floss. The hygienist is #1's softball coach/co-worker's mom. She was as happy to clean his teeth as he was to get them cleaned. Maybe having "Uncle Mark's" mom do it helped him to relax also. So no cavities or problems with his teeth. He is getting his last "2 year old molar" and is missing a tooth on the bottom that never grew in as a baby. They aren't worried about it, but will do x-rays in about a year to make sure his permanent teeth won't be affected by it. He is a great candidate for braces someday seems how his top teeth as baby teeth already have no space between them. *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

good job brushing your teeth everyday, James! We love your smile! Pop Pop and Grandmommy