Friday, August 6, 2010

My Baby Is Four

Four years ago today I had a little boy. He was nearly 7 weeks early, and weighed in at 5lbs 3 oz. I would love to post tons of baby pictures, and pictures of him growing know because at four he is so old. Well, in his eyes he is. But my family is waiting to play games, and I LOVE to play Snug happy birthday!!!

*This is his "Diego cake with a dragonfly on top". He's been asking me to make it for his birthday since March. I was happy to do it!


CM said...

Happy Birthday, Snug!!!

Great job on the cake! Have fun playing games!

BTW, your Snug and my Sprout are a week apart! And I think your Monkey Man and my Cubbie are pretty close too, Cubbie is end of May 2008.

Glad to hear from you again!

Jenilee said...

his cake is so cute! :) happy birthday to a very "old" four year old! :)

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Snug! We miss you! Alex had a blast being 4- I'm sure you will too!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday Snug!

The Alburger Family said...

Happy Birthday Sung! (AWESOME Cake Jenney! Great job.) Hope you all have a wonderful week!
PS. Matt and Chrissy got their baby yesterday!!

All Things Family For Us said...

Awww...happy birthday! nicely done on the cake..I don't even try to do the kids cakes!

Melissa said...

Nice job on the cake! Happy Birthday Snug! :)