Monday, June 13, 2011


It was bothering me not to post any pictures.  But other than baseball, softball, and more softball not much is going on here.  We do have passes to a local pool, but taking 3 kids by myself I do not even dare take a camera to take pictures.  I have to be on vigilant watch.  

 So I visited other blogs and stole their ideas.  I mean, got inspiration.  Doesn't Snug look young in this picture?  I see what he looked like when he was LMM's age in this shot.
 Jenilee posted a picture of their summer reading program the other day.  That gave me the idea to take some pictures of Snug reading.  He loves to read, and spends quite a bit of time every day being read to and "reading" to himself.  He actually can read quite a few words, but cannot just pick up a library book and go at it unassisted as of yet.
 We are also doing our library's summer reading program.  Snug is almost 1/2 way done with his.  Today is our family's first official day of summer :o)  Rosebud and Little Monkey Man have a different program than Snug and theirs isn't so much time spent actually being read to as it is doing pre-reading activities.  There are 40 squares on their papers and each one is an idea of something to do together that promotes literacy, works on fine motor skills needed for writing later, starts conversations, along with of course, being read to.  This is the first year for the toddler program and so far it is going well for us.  Obviously there are more things that LMM and I can do together than Rosebud (who won't be able to finish hers, she's just too young) and I can...but it is still nice to have a specified activity to do with each one of them one-on-one every day.
 And this idea was from Mama Bear.  She was very brave and let her two little ones use her camera to take pictures of her and each other.  I have to admit I am a little possessive of my camera as it costs more than I'll ever even think of spending on another one.  However, when Snug said "Mama, can I take YOUR picture?" I remembered this post and said "um...sure.  TWO HANDS, and the strap goes around your neck.  OK?"  He listened well and took this picture of me.  We'll call it my 14 week pregnant picture.
And then he looked up into the tree and took this one.  I thought it  turned out pretty good!


Anonymous said...

Nice job of taking pictures, James! Grandmommy

CM said...

That's awesome that he can already read a few words! Ok, now I'm totally feeling inadequate, Sprout can't read anything but his own name yet! So share you're secret because I have no idea what I'm doing! :-)

MamaBear said...

Yeah for pictures of Mama!!!! Way to go Snug! Your hair looks so cute with a little wave in it!

We do our summer reading program too, but it doesn't sound nearly as cool as yours! I bet Julia would have loved a preschool program like you described! Sam's teacher sent home homework for every day of summer vacation - I LOVE it. It sounds terrible, but it's SOMETHING for them to do every day and is SIMPLE things like: run around your house three times, count the steps in your house, read a book, see if you can bounce a ball 30 times, write your name, etc...

every day we look at the calendar to see what he has to do. When he completes every task for a month we'll do a special 'field trip'.

We're also having him read a book to us every night. It's painfully slow but he ENJOYS it and I want to make sure to encourage that love of reading.

I can't decide if we should get a membership to our pool or stick with our (free) beach. Having a baby in the middle of summer is making me second guess paying for anything new that we might not be able to get our money's worth.

Kim M said...

Wow James, your cousin Rachel would call that last picture "perspective"! Nice shot!
Aunt Kimmie

Jenilee said...

great pictures! and good for you for posting one of YOU! :)

are you enjoying our "spring" weather now? lol

MONICA-LnP said...

great pictures!