Friday, June 10, 2011


I am getting worse and worse about posting.  Summer will do that to me.  However, I have been getting really bad about even taking pictures of the kids. Haven't taken one since Memorial Day!  That is very unlike me.

What have we been up to?  Well, the weather has been hot and sticky.  My parents came down for part of the week to help #1 install a new water heater.  It had been leaking gallons of water onto our basement floor for about a week.  I've always heard you do NOT want to drink the hot water from your tap as if you saw the inside of your water heater it would make you sick

Guess what.  What came out of the bottom of our water heater looked like someone had GOTTEN sick all over our floor.  DO NOT DRINK THE WATER OUT OF YOUR HOT WATER TAP.  Trust me on this one.

In other news, we've been doing 4-6 ball games a week.  I knew when I married my husband sports would be involved.  I'm not sure I knew to what level.  Snug himself had 3 games this week.  And oh has it been hot.

We installed an alarm on Little Monkey Man's bedroom door (ok, in all fairness it is also Snug's door, but he needs no alarm).  He has a habit of waking up in the middle of the night and finding things to do.  We don't even wake up and hear him.  What sort of things are there to do in the middle of the night?  Well, you can put pencils in your sister's crib, remove pages from board books and regular books alike, eat mama's snack for Sunday School, find scissors, and then I shared some documentation of the great nail polish mess.  For all of you out there who may need a solution to similar problems...the alarm works great.  We know each and every time he gets up and runs around the house.  And due to the fact that his sensory needs include HATING loud noises he isn't making...he hates the alarm and just stays in his room!

Today is my last day of Draycare for the summer.  I am very ready to be done.  Not ready to live off of one income, but I am tired.  I'm ready to head out for daily outings with just my biological children.  Not that I don't like my daycare kids, I do.  I am just ready for summer!

So that's what we've been up to.  What's new with you?


CM said...

Yay for Summer! Glad you get to have the summer off. So I'm curious, do you mostly have teacher's kids then?

The alarm...oh my! See, I'm a super light sleeper, so I hear every little noise in our house. Luckily though, our kids just come in our room if they get up, usually. Glad you found a solution for Monkey Man.

Esther said...

It was hot here too, and today it was only about 52! At least the garden got watered today. :-)

. said...

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